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Virily Payment Significantly Less

Received notification that funds were deposited into my account. Thank you Virily. And thank you to all of the members who support my posts.

The payment was down lower than two years ago. Not very encouraging. Complaining, maybe, just stating a fact. 

We don’t see our earnings all month. Then surprise, we get a significantly lower payment at the end of the month. Payment I am appreciative of but it keeps getting less and less.

I do not have the time, nor should I have to stop and count each comment and try to add up virils during the month. That is just absurd. 

We should see our earnings every day, so at least when we get our payment, we don’t have sticker shock at the amount.

Have a good day everyone.

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. I was just happy to see that I got paid because every cent counts and I am always seeking to make more with my writing. I am glad that Virily pays because it is one site that does not stress me and I can enjoy myself when I come on here. It gives me a break from all my other writing and deadlines to meet.

  2. Actually, I have noted earnings have decreased in Hubpages. I used to earn $60, this month will earn $30. It seems the low rate of earning is affecting many sites.
    However, having a daily updated dashboard will help is greatly in gauging how much we are earning daily thus giving us an idea on what to do.

  3. It is time to stop all complaints in Virily but focus on bringing more views. If the limit for getting virils is only 50 for views, nothing should stop us from opening more posts. Of course, if time allows us. Every view counts. And looks like we are not many active writers here now.

  4. It was expected because we know that outside views are down. The key to getting more earnings is to reach outside of our little group and pull in views. It would seem to me that it would be a great thing for us all to focus on. It would only be pertinent for a flash in time but inexpensive Valentine day ideas for friends and elderly might be a subject that would work for a couple of weeks.

    Then a whole lot of evergreen posts that people would be looking for all the time. SEO and keywords.


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