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The Issue of the Create Button.

I can’t contact management but I can use this post to speak up for people who can’t use the Create button.

This means the creative wings of some have been cut off..

It has been a while since they have been unable to Create posts. I was under the illusion that we lived in a fair world. 

To be fair to the Admin of Virily, it may be that they have been unable to resolve the issue due to computer issues. They are probably still working on it. 

However it would be great is someone from the Virily Admin gave some communication…to the people who are affected by not being able to create posts. I am sure that most reasonable people would understand..

  • Have you been able to create posts?

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    • No

What do you think?

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  1. There are many issues than the ability to create a button. It would have been better they have addressed the issues and the status of development. Again, it appears some of the newest members’ posts are published in their hundreds (forgive me for the exaggeration) in a single day while the rest of us have to wait for a single post to be published.
    Somehow, the old members have some bad luck here…

  2. I do not know technology at all, but Virily seems (this is just my perception) behind the times. Or their personnel is not very adept… I can still create personally (which I am very happy about) but my posts are in a long queue as they appear rather later than before. I feel helpless when I read all the other member’s woes concerning Virily. The only thing I can say to them is hang in there, don’t let go yet, wait a little bit longer and keep your hopes and heads up high…

  3. The error is assuming this is some random glitch. It isn’t. All those who can not create are, as soon as they enter their user name, routed to a section of wordpress. As long as they do not enter their name the black strip of wordpress does not appear.

    If they use a different browser, they have the standard page. If they enter their user name, instantly that create button disappears.

    What those of us who can not create are waiting for is when or if we reach the threshold and are paid.

    • Are you saying that it works with some browsers but not with others? That could be a software rendering issue. I have no problems using Chrome, though I will probably be switching to FireFox in December when the changes to Chrome kick in.

      • NO. I am saying this; if you open a browser; go to, you see the normal page. Then you log on. If you are one of the despised, as you log on, up comes the black strip which means you are routed through wordpress and can NOT publish as you will have NO CREATE button.

        If you are on another computer, and bring up your usual browser and go to, you get a perfect screen. UNTIL YOU ENTER YOUR USER NAME.

        If you create another user, you have the create button.

        Simply put; those of us who can not post have been selected. It is NO GLITCH.

  4. I guess there was a problem with releasing a new kernel version of the site.
    Sometimes, with automatic changes, it’s likely to affect users, as happened to me.
    The records of who I am, who my friends are and what I have posted, as well as many other official information are stored in different tables in the database and if the connection breaks – the user’s profile loses functionality.

  5. All we can do now is guess and assume what is going on. Until Virily decides to let us know the issues we are sort of in limbo. I suppose the ones that can create should continue. But for the rest it is so unfair.

  6. I gather that this problem affects non-Verified members, so it does not affect me. However, I have had problems in the past that involved not being able to load images when trying to create a post. This problem was only solved after another member contacted Admin on my behalf, because I was unable to do that either.

    I am sorry that Virily is creaking at the seams. Let’s hope it gets its act together soon and is able to retain its membership and continue to be a valuable outlet for many creative talents!

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