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Weather transformation

If bitter herbs sigh in the teaand shake the red maple shirt,comes time for bitterness, coming frost doubtlessand the heart of summer is still...

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Portrait.One of the pets  - cat Tiger 🙂 Well, it's not yellow in black stripes, but it really acts like a master of the yard! Everybody...

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Close up

Close up. Thorn. It is a pity that I cannot enlarge this photo... An interesting photo was obtained. The light, due to the fog, was soft and...

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Winter is coming

Winter is coming. We were with my girlfriend in the countryside for the weekend... Terrible weather! It was raining on Friday night and the roads were very...

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Streetlight."From the moment from which our Metropolitan town started to think freely and act independently, he had all the ambition to catch and control...

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Weather transformation


Close up

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