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Common starling

Common starling (Sturnus vulgaris). In the spring and summer the plumage of the male starfish is dark, almost black, with a metallic sheen and small...

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Strawberry. Well, I liked the look... Big, red, juicy... At the beginning of March we planted strawberry roots on my mother-in-law to plant them. Because of the travel...

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Sour Cherry blossom

Sour Cherry blossom. That's how my day began... With a tree full of blossoms! Young and fragile, but full of life! The change to a new life...

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Isolation Street

Sofia, Bulgaria – 05 April 2020: In the city during the COVID – 19 epidemic, almost deserted streets. Isolation street. Day 24... There is not much...

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White dove

White dove. I found this photo in the archive from last year... It was an unpleasant cold weather... Or to me it was very cold!We had...

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Common starling


Sour Cherry blossom

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