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One of the things I am always looking for is something that will automatically convert voice to text. I am also interested in tools that convert text to text. I talked a little bit about a product I back and that is now shipping, Senstone. Senstone allows you to record meetings and convert the recording to text. While I was using the tool, a long-time friend reached out to me and mentioned another tool in the voice to text space,, I downloaded the iPhone app and have played with it a couple of times. I like the overall concept of a standalone microphone so the Senstone system works well for that. But I have found that the product is also very good.

For the most part, this is a Doc problem not as applicable to the overall Virily population, my apologies for the column space dedicated to that.

The other technology that I have been using a lot is the Travis system. Travis the Translator. The tool is a small voice to voice translations device and I’ve been using it nearly every day on a recent project. It is so much easier to communicate ideas in our native language. While I can get places in Thailand and my Spanish is barely passable, I cannot speak Japanese at all or Korean for that matter. I’ve been working on a project with a Korean vendor. Conversations have gone much faster using Travis to translate. There is a pauce (they speak), Travis Translates, and says it out loud, (I speak) Travis translates and says the translation out loud. Overall the tool is really useful!

The time saving and frustration reduction has really helped!

I realize that most people don’t need any of these devices. The last thing that has helped lately is the new Beacon from Rocketbook. Beacon represents a system that allows you to convert a whiteboard into a connected whiteboard. Although not a directly connected whiteboard. That requires systems like e-beam. The Rocketbook beacons allow you to write on the whiteboard and then capture the information into the Rocketbook application. It does allow you to convert handwriting into digital or what is sometimes called editable text.

The beauty of the beacon system is they are small. They go on any whiteboard, and they cost less than 3 US dollars per set! If you have a whiteboard and you ever need to convert it into something you can share with other people, I recommend the Beason system from Rocketbook.

I realize today is a tech recap that frankly, most readers won’t care about. I understand that.

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  1. I remember travelling when translator was not yet a thing. We were in a resto in Vietnam to eat dinner. Very hungry as we just arrived from Cambodia. The staff cannot communicate in English and rice is nowhere in the menu. So we ordered already the dishes but having headache on how we can make the waitress understand that we need rice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Some years ago I remember using a voice to text system – it worked OK but produced some very interesting – and often hilarious – mistakes! I would like to try it again, but haven’t a clue as to how to set about it or what equipment I need.

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