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Poplar Leaf ~ Wacky Wednesday

Today is the Wacky Wednesday challenge I started awhile back. I chose this poplar tree leaf photo because I find it so odd (wacky) that the leaves are changing colors already and the temperatures are still hot summer 90 degrees, and getting close to 100 degrees lately.

It is almost like fall is trying so hard to make its appearance. But summer will not leave. I find that a little wacky. 

Bring on fall weather for goodness sakes mother nature!

Photo ©CarolDM2019

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Written by Carol DM


  1. They change with the amount of light during the day. You will see small changes start to happen after the longest day of the year. I do love this photo, great contrast. So sorry it’s still hot, this week has been really nice here, but it is supposed to warm back up to triple digits on the east side of our county.

      • True, with changing leaves you just expect it to be a bit cooler. Maybe a faint cool autumn breeze. I get ya. I spoke too soon above. We are having a Santa Ana now and inland is supposed to reach 97! Deserts triple digits, and the coast in the lower 90’s. I am ready for a cool down that stays a few weeks at least.

  2. For most of the past week, it has been cool and damp here. Yesterday didn’t reach 70 and today will likely be just over that. The leaves here haven’t started changing color, though, and if it is like normal, it will happen quite quickly.

    Incidentally, it really doesn’t make much difference, but the leaf in the picture is a maple leaf if I’m not mistaken. Poplar leaves have a rather distinct shape that is almost heart-shaped. That does give me something to write about, though. 🙂