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On the positive responsibility of influencers…

Let’s talk about upvotes and downvotes. By the way, I don’t have any way to measure this, but I am curious what downvotes do. I know there are a few of my posts over the last couple of years that got downvotes. I also know, that I have, well I used to, downvote material that I thought was either factually incorrect or just the wrong. As I moved up the Virily ranking list, I learned a really valuable lesson. The higher up the list you are the LESS NEGATIVE you have to be. That, by the way, is across the board. You have to post positive things about the site, to the admins and other users as you move up the ranks. Negative comments from someone at the top of the ranking can have a devasting impact.

If I may digress to a sporting metaphor, you don’t hear the top coaches in Global Soccer say anything negative about their opponents. There is a reason for that; the easy one if you don’t want to give the other team fuel. The other part of it is, when you are at the pinnacle, you cannot make only negative comments. You have to say things more positively because even if you don’t choose to be a leader, you are. Leaders are responsible for more than simply posting. So I no longer downvote posts on Virily. I also, unlike many people on the site do not go downvote other peoples posts when they downvote mine. If you don’t like what I posted, that is wholly your position, and I support your right to have it!

The path to positive is the one that leaders follow. They demonstrate that there are many positive things to consider. While the dashboard issue on Virily vexes me as it does others as well, I am also hopeful because views are up. As someone that pays attention to web advertising trends, I can tell you that there is a one to one relationship between views on a site, views of content, and advertising revenue. Site stability and attracting new authors to one of the ways to improve the site advertising revenue. Overall the value of the views is significant. Over the past five posts, I’ve delved into how influencers help other users. I would like to remind the influencers that they have a responsibility. Once people start to follow what you are doing, you are an influencer (that means popular Albert!). Being given the great power of influencing, means you HAVE TO BE responsible.

Views are up! New Writers are contributing to the site and the community! Our community continues to grow!

  • Question of

    Do you agree that INFLUENCERS have a responsibility to be positive?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Do you believe people should always consider posting positive and negative comments as a unit?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you agree with Alex that the complaining about Virily is often simply “whining?”

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you hate it when your boss or other leaders yell at you?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Do you ignore down votes?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I agree with Introvert. I have also never used the down vote button that person does not need to know if I did not like their post as all of us know how much hard work and effort we put in. I feel extremely offended when my posts are being down voted.

    • It is a hard thing I agree with. The reality of downvoting is something to consider. Currently, if you do choose to do that 9down-voting an article that is factually incorrect) that person will likely down-vote 10 of your articles.

      I also have stopped using that.

  2. I have never downvoted on an article in my life. I don’t think it has any use. It’s better not to vote. If one doesn’t agree or like what he has read with something one doesn’t have to Xpress it openly through voting.

    • What about copy and paste comments, or comments that are not even related to the topic you share in a post, would you downvote those?

      I suspect it is a measure of the maturity of the community. If, someone downvotes your post, do you go and down 10 of theirs? When the community reaches the point where members can provide honest feedback to other members including telling the folks that post negative comments on other social sites, that they should be fair, you have a mature community!

      • Yah, I agree with your viewpoint. If someone has provided a negative comment or has copy pasted or commented on a subject not related to the content, I won’t downvoted it but I may comment on it in a polite manner. Or simply send that person a private message.

        It’s good to give people an honest talk on issues that matter.

  3. I am not going to wade in with my two penneth as I am not on here much…Have I got downvotes I haven’t a clue but I thank everybody for my upvotes…I think buttons like that invite controversy and bad feelings there are some sensitive souls…Me, I just move on… This topic has invited discussion though which is good 🙂 Have a lovely day everyone and you Scott 🙂

  4. I have not voted down … if I do not like the post and I do not vote … we never know how people react … I would not be angry and ignore it … everyone has the right to their opinion … I also answer every comment as long as I can (I do not know 2x or 3x then I have no more options to answer)

    • I once read a post here and it was so filled with information that was wrong. I thought about replying to the person but when I did that they were nasty in their comments. So I downvoted their post. They downvoted more than 20 of mine.

  5. There are sometimes things to argue or confront but I focus more on what unites me with an article writer than what divides us.
    So, positive and politeness! Mostly, Virily gives positive emotions to me so I have no reasons to downvote. I received WTF once, it’s not pleasant of course.

    • I agree I forgot about the emoji WTF, it is similar to a downvote. I think that there are two issues, all of us find content incorrect or just bad. We should be able to downvote a post without retaliation. But the other side is when you do that, you are sending a very harsh message.

      Thanks for the comment!

    • I understand when people downvote, doesn’t impact me. What frustrates me sometimes is someone posts something and I downvote, and they come to my page and downvote 10, 15 of my posts.

      Its ok not to like content. but I don’t downvote anymore.

  6. I’ll not be all positive for the sake. I believe in constructive criticism, that being said, meaning not bashing (but its hard to define bashing and such). I don’t mind if someone whined as long as they don’t whine non-stop. People still will have those down-times they just wanna whine and get some pats on the back.

    That being said, whenever I see a “self-motivating” book that says “hang out only with positive people if you wanna be positive”, I chuck that book aside! The thing here is not about positive or negative but “only”.

    • Adult learning theory points out that adults learn in three situations
      The last one is the least overall effective as the learning is done to “get out” of a bad situation. The first two require a mix of positive and negative.

      I would argue that if you create negative energy, and don’t create positive as well, you will end up getting burned. You have to do both.

      All that said, there are situations where in fact there isn’t anything positive to say. In those scenarios, it is best to walk away.

      • I’ve to agree about too much negative energy, moderation is the key; When there is a need to blow the whistle, do it! When there are great things, share it! Simple as that.

        LOL, I really think its kinda funny someone would run through 10 of your posts to give you 10 virils just to down-vote them :p I try not to down vote (in fact I think I haven’t down voted any post except for the accidentally double votes)… I’ve thumb-down some comments though – those that obviously copied and pasted!

  7. Excellent analysis and comprehensive post. I think I might have downvoted one or twice but not because I really wanted to but because I was either in a hurry and also because the layout of the votes on a laptop and a tablet or a phone is different and I just do not have patience anymore for slow loading. If there are posts that do not appeal to my reading I just go down the line so as not to get embroiled in a word fight or recriminations. I always try to write insightful comments and always give an up vote on the posts that I read and like along with pressing Love it and Win. Not because I want people to like and admire me but just because I really liked the post and I thought it should win the contest hands down. But of course, this is just my little old me opinion. (Believe me doc I am slightly old at 64 but I am not really little).

  8. To be honest, I once downvoted (or maybe twice!) someone’s post but I forgot who it was. Also honestly said that I had done it accidentally, when my mouse had a problem and didn’t react when it was repeatedly clicked, and unfortunately it reacted right above the downvote button. But that happened more than two years ago.

    To be honest, I also got several downvotes, but that’s okay. Maybe they have a problem with the mouse as I have experienced it, right? Hehehe…

    We know that our friends here often change, some come and some leave, whether new friends or old members. Beyond their personal reasons, and with their perspective, to be active or not, I just want them to get the best support as I also got it as long as we are together in us together in this community. At least with the intention and perspective that all posts need to be appreciated because after all, at least we all have worked hard, even just to post one article. Maybe our limitations are time, even if we master speed reading the best… as you ever said.

  9. Reacting negatively, complaining or whining about something does not change any situation. It only makes the person (the whiner) suffer more – – – I am talking based on firsthand experience generally and nothing to do with Virily. When an influencer calls someone about an issue, the influencer can lay down facts and then analyze it objectively weighing both positive and negative aspects. Being all positive while disregarding blatant flaw is also not good and will not serve anyone. An influencer must be able to provide suggestions that are feasible. That said, I do not believe in downvoting. My rule is simple, if I don’t like it, I move along.

      • Tracey and I discussed the issue about downvoting when she experienced the same after she downvoted (including mine) several posts. I guess it is okay to downvote if you so like but you have to be able to explain your action so that the other party would understand your side of the story. Because the temptation to pay the favor back is great, see. But no, I was not the one who downvoted her posts. I was tempted but I caught my ego right in time ?

        • There is lies the crux of the problem in our community right now. There are those who downvote in retaliation. There are those who go to online forums and post only negative (downvotes) of the site.

          The two, feel justified in their behavior and to a degree they are. If you don’t like something that is fine. As you said as an author we have to check our egos if someone doesn’t like something.

          But at some point, we still have to remember the human. The ability of humans to actually be able to process only negative is limited.

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