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Wat Kam (Kham) Sanot, Udon Thani, Thailand

This is a very important Thai temple for Thais and on big Buddha days, it is heaving with people. These pictures are from our...

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Koh Panyee..A Thai Sea Gypsy Village

Ko Panyee is a fishing village in Phang Nga Province, Thailand, built on stilts by Indonesian fishermen. The population consists of 360 families or...

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Spicy Red Ant Salad(Koi Khai Mot Dang)

I told you I would bring you some  authentic Thai recipes and this is one. Ants are the bane of my life here you...

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How to make the perfect Carbonara

I have seen so many versions of Carbonara and tasted a few as well..some were to die for and some quite frankly I felt...

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