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Not A Wacky Picture ~ Wacky Wednesday

True! There is nothing wacky from that picture. What’s wacky is the atmosphere in my country, especially in Jakarta as the capital city of the country.

Political temperatures continue to increase in my country and seem to be reaching its peak on the twenty-second of May. The government continues to arrest a number of political figures who voice people power, which of course makes social political temperatures close to the boiling point. A large number of police and soldiers were withdrawn to the capital to face the people’s attitude.

Indeed, today the people and national leaders no longer talk about winning or losing in the election but about real and open fraud from the vote counting process. The people and national figures will take to the streets in anticipation and will declare that they do not accept the election results if the announcement will win an incumbent that is no longer trusted by most people.

Many parties have shown how various frauds were committed but it seems that the authorities did not care about it all and because of the government’s attitude, everywhere the people have said: “We will take to the streets and we are ready to die”. To all my friends, I understand that most of you do not like to talk about politics, for that through this paper I just have a little ask to you to pray for us, me and the people of our nation to get through these tense moments well. Thank you very much.

  • Question of

    Is there a government that does not threaten its own people with the authorities and weapons that are bought with public money itself?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Do you agree that democracy is a utopia?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. Users voted 13 times.
    Q: Is there a government that does not threaten its own people with the authorities and weapons that are bought with public money itself?

    Yes (7 votes) – 50%
    No (7 votes) – 50%

    Q: Do you agree that democracy is a utopia?

    Yes (9 votes) – 69%
    No (4 votes) – 31%

  2. Users voted 12 times.
    Q: Is there a government that does not threaten its own people with the authorities and weapons that are bought with public money itself?

    Yes (6 votes) – 46%
    No (7 votes) – 54%

    Q: Do you agree that democracy is a utopia?

    Yes (9 votes) – 75%
    No (3 votes) – 25%

  3. Politics is always dirty. I’ve seen tricks before and after elections.
    There have been saying that most politicians will try and help solve your problems only after they’ve achieved what they want.

    Anyway, since its decided that you and your people will do this, just be safe.

  4. As the others have said, this sort of thing is unfortunately happening all over the world it seems, some worse than others. People just need to calm down. Take a pause and think about what you are doing. Is it really worth risking people’s lives!

    It is a crazy, wacky atmosphere for sure. I certainly hope things calm down in your world soon.

    • I agree with you and all friends here that this kind of thing happens all over the world, it just that those who always ask and advise people to learn from history, and from other nations it turns out they don’t know anything about history, or deflect historical facts and ignore reality that occurs in other countries solely for the sake of power, in the interest of the group, and for a larger hidden agenda. Now it seems like my country is the biggest hoax country.

      However, as you and your friends say, hopefully, we can pass the boiling point of this situation well. Thank you for your sympathetic support, Carol.

  5. It’s saddening to see how the military forces prefer to work for fraudulent governments instead of supporting the people. After all, soldiers are people as well. 😕
    I think it takes a different level of civilization to have a proper democracy.
    Perhaps, it would help to have several governments that manage small communities with like-minded people, and give them the freedom to move to another place when the leader is disliked or fails at his job, whenever they want. No violence needed to tell a leader is not appreciated, he would be simply left alone.
    Now democracy means having two bad options to choose, and even when we thought the elected leader was good, he ends up being corrupted.
    Violence is not a solution because civilians can’t compete with the army, hunger strikes are more reasonable. When the government no longer gets the money, it wakes up.
    I wish the people of Indonesia can get justice in the most peaceful way possible.

    • Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world consisting of 17,504 islands and 267 million inhabitants, which is the fourth largest population in the world. It is not easy to lead our country, but it is very sad if the reality used as a pretext upon the disorientation of development and certain hidden agenda.

      The people took to the streets to carry out peaceful actions, only that, and it has been proven many times, not even trampled grass, or little trash scattered. Therefore, I hope that there is no excessive repressive attitude from the authorities, and we also have the same expectations as you expect. Thank you for your thoughts and support, Sabrina.

  6. Such situations happen all over the world! I have long understood that not people are the ones who choose their leaders. There are other forces that make games around the world! We are just “puppets” in the hands of the great powers. Stay safe you and your familly! God help you to have peace in the country!

    • I really agree with you in that context, Ileana. There are several “hidden” major authorities who regulate the game and divide the leadership seats for those puppets for certain interests.

      I continue to arrange my role to keep contributing while maintaining family security. Thank a lot, Ileana.

  7. There are frequent protests here, but the political temperatures are normal. Unfortunately, Venezuela’s situation is tragic. Beware of your friend. I’m sorry about what’s happening in your country.

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