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Wacky Wednesday ~ Just for Fun

Decided to join two challenges into one today. Also, the photo above is one I took of the Dude. He is such a funny cat. 

He stays indoors and bird watches through the windows and screen room. He watched this little sparrow for almost an hour one day through the window, talking to it the entire time. 🙂

I hope something here has brought a smile to someone out there. You can never have too much humor in your life. 🙂

For Wacky Wednesday, here is a wacky video if you have a minute or so to watch. Hopefully it will bring a smile.

Now to share with the Just for Fun Mashup Doc started awhile back.. Hopefully this will meet the requirements.

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  1. You nailed the challenge and the monkeys made me laugh (although the owl about a minute in woke Raven up!) I am still laughing at the Dude picture! I guess if you wait long enough that bird will fly into the house!

  2. Runt my cat understands the Dude’s obsession with birds but Runt acts on them as he is an indoor and outdoor cat. But do not repeat this to the Dude. I do not want him to become jealous. The animals’ video was hilarious but also revealed the naughty side of animals just like our cats… Say hi to the Dude and Brendel for me and Runt…


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