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Cheers! – Wacky Wednesday.

I have had quite a day, a challenge but constructed a plastic greenhouse and ended up in being clothed with mud, plus support a friend.

This here is to show off some fine art of Warwicks in oils, I love this semi abstract and its also on our wall. She looks so fine with her glass of wine..

Neither of us drink wine but wine glasses look so classy.  Drunken behaviour doesn’t appeal to me. However, I drink one once in a blue moon. 

Well, some modern artists throw a pot of paint on the wall and charge a lot of money. Anyone can do that, but not just anybody can do an oil painting as lovely as this. This is classical art as a semi abstract…

  • Do you like classical art.?

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What do you think?

Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. This is so real. The painting is alive Pam. Wha is it doing here? It should be at some museum.

    I drink wine every day – just 60 ml. I have been prescribed to have it to increase my HDL level

    • I am not against drinking wine, used to try to drink red wine because it was said it was good for you…However, I don’t, simply because I had 2 neighbours who had a problem with alcohol..and were threatening and abusive.
      I will drink the occasional glass..

  2. art is of course perception of the viewer. this is amazing.

    I think there is a place for modern, classical and abstract art.

    I love pollocks works, Warhol’s works, your works, Warwicks’s works and Dali. just depends on my mood!


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