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More details on what a mover is, and how to track them.

One of the things that drive me is information management. I have built and developer Intelleuctal capital systems for some of the largest companies on earth. Based on that I fully understand that there are many ways to do things, but there are also wrong ways to do things. For example, if you start a conversation with a question that is a good way. If you tell someone in an answer that they are wrong, you open the door. What happens next is critical. When people give you the information you don’t like, walking away isn’t good. It is worse than avoidance.  The reality of the internet is that there are people who don’t treat other people well. One of the reasons that people lose their tempers is the scenario I’ve laid out.

It is ok to tell someone they are wrong. But if you do, then you are responsible for finishing the conversation. If you let the conversation die, that person won’t trust you the next time.

Have conviction in your beliefs. But list to the other side.

Howard raised an excellent question for the mover’s project in his comments yesterday that I wanted to make sure everyone knew. First of all, there are many authors here on Virily, but few that are active. The sites list 2300  or more authors registered. I know of at least 250 authors that are no longer active and haven’t been active on the site in more than two years. Howard’s question, however, was how do you track someone making a comment, and bringing other people with them.

Normally the easy way to do that is to catch posts early (or have the authors watch them) to see the ratio of views to comments. (I have posts with 1 to 3, one comment to 3 views, and I have posts with one comment to 10 views and more). I do note however that some people do drive additional activity after they post. Let me break that out a bit…

1. When someone is the first, or second commenter, do others comment after them.

2. Is there a spike after they comment (more views)

3. Each author has a posted average (say ten comments on average posts). Does someone comment change that average? (up or down)

Thanks, Howard for asking for more data!

  • Question of

    Do you get frustrated when someone says you are wrong, and then walks away?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Have you ever written a code of conduct?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    I love comments do you agree?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. Q: Do you get frustrated when someone says you are wrong, and then walks away?
    Yes (7 votes) – 64%
    No (4 votes) – 36%
    Q: Have you ever written a code of conduct?
    Yes (2 votes) – 18%
    No (9 votes) – 82%
    Q: I love comments do you agree?
    Yes (11 votes) – 92%
    No (1 votes) – 8%

    • That is the hard part.

      You get paid for internal engagement.
      Virily gets paid for external engagement.

      You get paid when Virily gets paid.

      So the answer is more complex than simply yes. I would say yes to both!

      • This has nothing to do with the other interaction we have been having. This was in response to your post here where you asked for opinions. And I gave mine. .

        There was no question of agreeing to disagree there but the situation was such that I could not follow and so decided to move on. I have accepted whatever way Virily works and so I made that comment.

  2. I know many times that I can be wrong, but sometimes, I have to see the facts for myself.

    There is nothing worse than asking a question and being stonewalled. Some people do that to everyone. They are a brick wall and don’t communicate at all and I learn nothing, they said something trite and actually say nothing.

    I don’t know a written code of conduct except to respect people and just do your best.

    You have a good point, it not only applies to the internet.

    I have been very pleased with all my contacts on Virily and at the moment, can’t complain.

  3. Thanks again for explaining. Cheers!
    I try to answer comments within a couple of days.
    I appreciate comments and try to comment for others as often as I can because of that.
    I’m not in a position to recognize movers.

  4. There are 3 situations in a conversation. One is where it ends logically. Second is as you have said they do not want to know the truth so they run away and the third the most important is they terminate the conversation as they do not want to trigger a hurt.

    Incidentally I had alerted Admin yesterday about the missing rising logo and they brought it back instantly. I knew there was a glitch and as you know glitches are common here.

    • congrats.
      Good that the admin responded.
      There are still two errors in what you said originally that you’ve glossed over.

      1. Posts in the most commented section do not stay in that section longer than roughly a maximum of 36 hours. This post, has been in the list since yesterday afternoon.
      2. When I responded to that you said I was wrong, then rather than continue you stopped.

      Just to be fair.

  5. If someone says something to me, I like to clear it up right away. So it bothers me very much if someone turns and goes without explaining why he said something.

  6. Absolutely I have had many leave conversations when they did not want to hear the truth. Frustrating because if they start the question, all you are doing is trying to help in answering their question. Oh well, all you can do is all you do.

  7. It’s irritating when someone tells me, “Benny, you are not a good person.” The person doesn’t say why he is saying that. I usually don’t bother to ask the person why.
    Yes, I have written a code conduct. It’s ironical that even those who write code of conduct breaks the rules or ethics.