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Is it time to decorate for Christmas?

Whenever the weather starts getting colder and the end of the year is approaching, people start feeling excited about Christmas. Since October, they started selling advent calendars and a lot of the stores are already decorated for the holidays. What about you, are you excited about Christmas yet? If you decorate for Christmas, when do you think it’s the right time to start putting Christmas decorations?

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  • When do you start decorating for Christmas?

    • 1-15 November
    • 16-30 November
    • 1-15 December
    • After 15 December
    • Whenever I feel like
    • I don’t decorate for Christmas
    • Other (tell me in the comments)


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Written by ellie925


    • I have always wanted to experience Christmas in the Southern hemisphere. I remember some beautiful trees are blooming there for Christmas, you have mentioned it in your post before.

  1. I used to get the Christmas blues a lot but always love celebrating when my mom was alive and when we lived in NYC. Then mom and I moved to Riga, Latvia and I met my soul mate and we had great Christmases. Now my mom has been gone for ages and in 2017 my love died and I returned to the US and now I have the Christmas blues again and I decorate if I am in the mood and at least put up a small artificial tree but I usually do that about a week before Christmas.

  2. Though I don’t really celebrate Christmas, I like to decorate my house and have some activities with my kids for Christmas. I usually decorate it just before or around 1 December. This year, my kids started to decorate it two days ago. My eldest told me there are only two more weeks to 1 December, so it’s time to decorate and start counting down. We have some activities for advent.

  3. It has become a commercial mess honestly. Because there are 6 fewer sales days between US Thanksgiving and Christmas, the large US retailers are pushing more and more earlier!

    The same is true in the EU. it is very sad.

    I wonder sometimes is we have forgotten something in the rush to decorate.

  4. I am always very late when it comes to decorations , I only start around the 20th but Not sure if I will decorate this year. I don’t feel like celebrating Christmas anymore.

  5. You may have read my posts about christmas parties for the less privileged. I normally plan them right form August but this year for some reason I have not yet started getting my act together.

  6. Christmas is an exciting holiday but I personally think that the decorations are up way too early. Also since I do not have children, I would much rather have a quiet Christmas any day… But for most people Christmas is for spoiling, celebrating with family and having fun. Most do not remember that it is a Christian holiday… But this is just my humble opinion…

    • I have been thinking about it too, and I came to the conclusion that it’s okay even if people are not religious and still celebrate Christmas for the reasons you mentioned, like spending time with the family or just having a good time in general. However, I don’t like its over-commercialization.