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While waiting for Christmas

It’s the end of the day. I sit in the living room with a cup of tea and look at the shining Christmas tree. In the late winter evenings, I like to go for walks  – I go through the dark courtyards, I see the warm, colored windows. And behind each of them is boiling life.

The windows of the houses next to us are already decorated with garlands of colored light bulbs. Common things like light bulbs, smoke coming from the chimneys, loud laughter, gingerbread cookies smell – details that take on a special meaning as the holidays approach. At this time, it is much easier to believe in miracles.

Returning from a stroll, I lean over with a woman who brings her bags full of nicely packed shopping. We smiled at each other – it seems impossible to act differently, we all feel some festive commonality.

While there is still time – let’s snuggle up to those we are grateful for or to whom we owe the tenderness.

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