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My Happy List for Winter & Themes by the Month

It’s time for my first happy list for the year. I think the topic fits Kim’s challenge Themes by the month too, so I decided to combine both of them. 

If you want to join the challenge My Happy List, just create lists about things that make you happy and use “My Happy List” in the title. See some examples here. Let’s spread some positive energy! 

Things that make me happy about this winter

  1. The first snow – It’s always so pure and fresh, and it shows you that a new season is starting.
  2. Birds – all the cute birds that come to the feeders in winter; there are always new species each year.
  3. Christmas decorations – I just decorate for myself; both decorating and enjoying the results give me pleasure. Christmas decorations don’t need to be expensive or excessive.
  4. Citrus aroma – It’s only a true winter when the room smells like fresh mandarin oranges.
  5. Cosy sweaters and socks – I just like knitted goods. Warm socks always make me happy.
  6. Sunshine – Warm sun rays on the sparkling snow always brighten my day.
  7. Let it snow – Christmas songs can be repetitive, but I never get tired of this one.
  8. Flowers – The beauty of my flowerpots blooming in winter always bring me a smile.
  9. Leasure time – Having time to enjoy a good book or a movie, or try a new recipe. It’s cold outside, why bother going out, right?
  10. The holidays 

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  1. I believe each season has its beauty and now I miss the changes here in Florida. I went shopping today and almost fell over from excitement when I saw one only one tree with its leaves turning colors and falling. Everything else is green and tall palm trees.


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