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Frightening statistics

I often think, isn’t a person a less noble creature than a crow? For the crow, that dumb garbage bird spends his entire earthly life with one partner. Well, you will say, there are white birds that are loyal, about which poems and songs are written. These are the swans.

But about people, we can’t say that. Especially today. Especially at the beginning of a new year. Because statistics show that divorce rates are the highest at the beginning of the year. Apparently, two things work – we wait for a miracle and we get tired. We raise a glass of champagne, which does not lift the soul to the stars but opens the wounds hidden under the festive make-up. And we burst.

Or maybe, in simple terms, we measure our lives by years and decide that we deserve a better one and mark a fat dash. It seems that the Italians had (or still have) a tradition to throw broken items through the windows before the New Year. So do we, without even trying to fix it. Because the market is full of new stuff. Shiny, clean, with assistive features.

Life is only one, we say, we must live it happily. Until one day we get noticed that we ourselves have become just trash for someone, just the past, and are thrown to the landfill of broken hearts.

It is sad to see that divorces are more common than marriages already. And I think, if we ourselves are unable to maintain, to nurture relationships, will we be able to tell our children: choose a person for life, if the anger appears – talk. Do not be afraid and do not run from the relationship. You cannot run away from yourself.

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