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Love does not break hearts, the ego does it

Love does not break hearts, the ego does it. Love cannot hurt, it is not one that hurts us. If a loved one cannot respond to us at the same time, we are suffering, trying to stifle our love, feeling frustrated, humiliated. 

We believe that of all the more than six billion people on the planet – this is our lucky ticket to the dream of the future and we are attacking anyone who is trying to gently oppose us. If we could wholeheartedly send love and the noblest, well-wishing thoughts to our loved one without restraining him or ourselves, we would not feel suffering. 

But we often tend to believe that it is this person who is the guarantor of our happiness, satisfaction, security, self-worth and happy life. Often we continue to think so, even when relationships have long been in decline and bring more pain and despair than joy and fullness. But changes and ignorance bind us and make us cling to something that has long been lost and lives only in our fantasies.

We mistakenly believe that by not responding to our love, man robs us of the satisfaction, security, joy that we could have. The truth is that the source of all these things is not another person, but we ourselves. If we relax and nurture the feelings we want to experience, there will soon be a person in our lives who will reflect on our inner state and share our love, warmth, kindness, gentleness, and joy of this wonderful life.

Let us not think that we know best who is to be near and when it is time for him to appear and when to leave.

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