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A man comes…

It happens,  a man comes into your life. And you start singing, even though it used to be a shame. The person you want to photograph because he’s all beautiful to you – angry, wet from the rain, and even dirty. 

There are times when you really don’t have the strength or inspiration to do anything and think you’re not worth more than tomatoes on the windowsill, but that person comes and becomes the support team that makes you believe you’re worth more and more.

A man comes to whom you want to tell your dreams and he listens, even if you dreamed that you were a beetle. A man to whom you pour tea into the most beautiful cup you have, and sometimes, you talk without words.

Comes a man who remembers your favorite candies, songs, and countries. That man accepts you so unconditionally that from that happiness you take more care of your outfit and hairstyle.

A man comes, and you notice that you start smiling more often because you are just always happy.

A man who becomes your conscience in small crimes, and an accomplice in beautiful feats. The one who does not leave you when you are sick and still says that you look beautiful, even though you have a runny nose.

That man comes into your life with his story, with his family and all the loved ones whose names you learn from memory and you start to care about how his mother, dad, sister, or brother lives because … they become important to you.

Comes a man who becomes your best friend and loved one in one. And you are more than always afraid of death – not your own, but him. And to rejoice more – not in yourself, but in him. Or together rejoice each other.

A man comes, and you yourself somehow became more humanely.

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