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And happiness has come after a long wait…

The poets say – “and happiness has come after a long wait” … But it is just words of the poets and dreamers. Or the rare exceptions to a set of complicated and unfriendly rules of life. 

I see happiness more as a … muscle. Happiness like a muscle requires training. We have to learn to see it every day and then to feel it. Then learn to maintain that toned state of happiness for as long as possible.

Happiness, like love, like life itself, is a work. Not a servitude, but work, effort. Like that proverb says: if you love to ride a sled, so start loving to pull it uphill. 

Of course, one can always wait for happiness to come. And what if it forgets the way and will not come, or turns to bad track, or choose your competitors? 

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  1. I believe contentment is great gain, with some the more they get the more they want and they are never satisfied.
    Take pleasure in simple things, good friends and family and pets and animals and nature around us..

  2. I am happy with the way my life is and thankful for all I have and I know I am much better off than many other people around the world and I content myself with that and thank the Lord every day.