Black and White Friday – life is not just black or white

The stick has two ends, I have heard it repeatedly. And I said it myself repeatedly. Because it’s just right.

Probably every surprise or prize in life has a different side as well. Because life is not just black or white, it is often colored, and if it becomes dim to color – because it is also a job – it becomes equally gray. And gray has one undeniable feature – it can be good or bad, depending on from which side you look at it.

And things sometimes get insanely confusing. When you receive a gift, you realize that she has taken away another gift from you. Often a big joy brings sadness, and great opportunity brings even greater fears. So you do not understand whether to cry for joy or have a laugh trying to hide your tears.

Because you don’t know what you want. Don’t know what you’re looking for. And you will find out only when you learn to color. To color in bright and joyful colors.You promise yourself every night – tomorrow.And one day you realize tomorrow is today.

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