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First run of the Virily Influencers list.

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The first group of influencers I am releasing is wholly based on numbers. The numbers I have collected are based on the following collection points.

  1. When that person comments on a post, does the number of views increase?
  2. How many guest views are related to that person reading>?
  3. When do that person comments others also tend to follow along (i.e., do they increase the rate of comments)?

My system isn’t perfect. If I had access to the admin portals, I could very quickly determine these numbers. As it is, I have watched these specific users throughout 10 or more posts each. Of the ten posts, I had four people’s posts as the control group (I checked them every day in the process). The rest I followed the people on the list by checking to see other posts they either shared (social media) or I checked their profile to see where their last comments were.

Without further adieu, if one of the following people comment on your post, you will gain between 20 and 40 views for that post. I would also note that these authors tend to post in certain categories or topic areas. I haven’t seen them post outside, or comment outside those areas, so I don’t have enough overall data.

Now each of the initial five influencers on the site has their areas of interest. If you start or have a challenge going on – get Kim involved! If you ask questions in your posts and someone to provide exceptional insight, you want to get Albert posting on your post! Alex gives great feedback and asks great questions of authors. (PS, call out for (Ghostwriter and LaJenna who always bring positive comments when they comment on a post. What that means is when they comment, all the comments after theirs tend to be positive. I will also call out Alibi, who brings a lot of views when they comment on a post. Finally, I know my name is on there, but in fairness, I do drive the most views when I read technology posts. The names are not ranked and I’ve included the links to their Virily profile page. More influencers are on the site, and more is coming, it takes time to pull all the data together.

  • Question of

    Does the first list of influencers surprise you?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Will you watch and share with me, people that are gaining views for your posts?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Are there people missing from this list that surprises you?

    • Yes
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What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Users voted 12 times.
    Yes (3 votes) – 23%
    No (10 votes) – 77%
    Yes (10 votes) – 83%
    No (2 votes) – 17%
    Yes (6 votes) – 50%
    No (6 votes) – 50%

  2. That was as great list. I agree the list you provided are factually correct. They’re the top influencers. Kims quite keeps me going with her photo challenge.

    But you forgot to put Carol DM. I haven’t been a member here for long, less than 5 months, but I have noticed her influence. And, History Gal.

        • I think Kim said it best “you beat a dog long enough and it won’t come back.” We, the author community have been pretty negative towards the admins I don’t blame them for hiding. I would.

          But if I were the admin of the site I would also knock several of the really negative posters, and a few of the Facebook complainers, sit in Virily jail for a couple of weeks.

          • But they created the problem in the first place by choosing to remain silent. Had they decided to get out in front of the issue, much of the panic could’ve been avoided…

        • Were you around when the admin team used to have banners on your profile page? So many of the complainers well whined about that the admins stopped doing banners.

          They used to be in the facebook group as well. No more, why? becuase the whiners have taken over that group.

          Alex, I respect you, but you are wrong.

          As Kim said you beat a dog long enough and it won’t come back.

          • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Virliy should announce major changes, period. They don’t have to reply to everyone, but they should at least keep us informed. In fact, it would send a stronger message if they ignored inflammatory comments while responding to valid questions

            If they’re really being silent because of the whiners, that punishes ALL the users. That’s both unfair and unprofessional…

            Ignoring the fb group is fine, they’re under no obligation to participate there but we shouldn’t have to play telephone here

          • I don’t criticize the admins for pulling the banners, or remaining silent for the most part, but things like the GDRP compliance or dashboard issues really need to announced. Large policy changes or bugs need an explanation. Virily is a business and communication is needed

        • As long as we acknowledge that they did try to communicate and it was roundly rejected.

          I am not an apologist, I would much prefer communication to silence.

          I am, however, as a long time email administrator, well aware of the natural recoil when we are criticized.

          When it is someone near the top of the site lists, doing the criticizing, it causes admins to recoil more.

          • I don’t say they never communicated, I don’t even say their reaction isn’t understandable, just that it isn’t a workable solution. Indeed, it most likely just fuels the fire

        • Understood. I used to get emails from the admin team all the time, Now I get them, but not very often. The last one was well before the dashboard issue.

          We are in violent agreement I suspect here. We are both saying they did communicate, but their lack of communication this last time probably hurt them more than they realize.


          • Most of the time, they can get away with being incommunicado, but for major issues or changes, some sort of sitewide announcement is needed. Otherwise, the reaction we observed was the expected behavior…

        • I would argue that the response (silence) was actually expected. The hue and cry is expected, I am just asking people to be consistent.

          I’ve seen a lot of “I got paid posts.” Which is at best crass, at worst digital rude. I haven’t seen a single one of the complainers generate a new positive post. It is just sad for them.

        • Because not everyone gets paid every time. Look at me, is the last thing the person says right before something bad happens!

          Only certain people post I got paid posts. They also post negative comments about Virily, not helpful for guiding useful negative comments (the dashboard isn’t updated my Virils earned for the month (bad) it is, however, tracking everything else properly).

          1. I get 10 messages every time those posts start popping up from other writers that are hurt or frustrated and move on.
          2. If it were the first time someone got paid, and they post that I love it. The time you get paid is a big deal.

          The 2nd, 3rd and so on, not nice.
          The 4th and on, just rude.

          • I hadn’t considered that. My take was that it is an acknowledgement that Virily was working, and to reassure other users that the site still paid out…

            But you pay more attention to what is going on around here, while I am largely oblivious. So I need to reconsider my stance on this

        • You paying attention is interesting. Honestly, if you are an influencer (and you are) and you aren’t running around posting only negative things on the forums you are influencing positively.

          Influencers have to be really careful about negative posts. When a writer on Virily makes a negative post it has an impact. when an influencer does that it has 2, 3 and even 5 times the impact.

  3. Since I know all these people by name I am certainly not surprised they made this list. I always do my best to go through posts and comment before I post anything new but it is no always possible for me to get to everyone. Thank you for also reading some of my posts.


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