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Can we change the river flow?

grab a bucket and


we will change the flow

of the river.

Keep bailing as the

water flows around us.

Keep bailing, and the river

will again


the way it did

when we were young.

Keep bailing for

time does not stop.

Keep bailing

as the water flows around us.

Do not stop, 

until we change

the flow of the river again.

  • Sometimes it is ok to try, right?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. Given a choice between trying to do something because you *might* be successful and not trying because you might not be successful, it seems to me that the answer is obvious; try. If a person doesn’t try, they are definitely not going to be successful, period.

      • I actually had a conversation about this idea, though not about basketball. It was with someone who refused to plant strawberries. They said, “I can grow almost everything else, but when I try to grow strawberries, the plants die, so I won’t plant them even if someone gives me some plants for free.”

        I asked, “How many of those plants that you didn’t plant, grow?”

        He said, “None, of course.”

        I smiled and said, “The prosecution rests” and walked away. I noticed that he planted a couple of strawberry plants this year. LOL

  2. This made me smile but for a different reason. While helping our friends to save their home and shop during a flood, we used our heavy equipment and tons (literally) of stone to direct it around the house and back into the river. We were called to court and everyone chose to send me to try and explain it.

    It went something like this. “Did you know it is against the law to change the flow of the river with out a permit?”

    “No, I don’t know much about river laws.”

    “How did the river get out of the banks? Well it happened in the middle of the night and I was not there, but these pictures look like it was too much water and washed out the sand bags and dike that the county put there.”

    “And what did you do when you got there. I coordinated trucks, got heavy equipment and directed them to take measures to encourage the water flow to go back into the river. You can see from the pictures what we did. ”

    “Where did you get the rocks?”

    “From the quarry we own.”

    “How much did they pay for rocks?”

    “No money exchanged hands for the rocks.”


    Because they were friends and we were helping. Who paid the truck drivers to move the rock? We gave them cash (ours) most of them woudn’t keep it.


    “Because we were all helping our friends.”

    “Oh, wait. Someone went and bought chicken for everyone because we were there for over 48 hours. I really have no idea who did that. I didn’t do that.”

    “Is it true that you and your husband spent the night in house to watch the waters overnight and be there if help was needed.”


    “Was help needed?”

    “Yes another dike broke about 2:00 am and that was a little easier to handle and materials and heavy equipment were still there. That time I just stayed in the house and made coffee and breakfast.”

    If we fine you today and next week the same thing happened what would you do. “Well if you fine me today I would call my attorney, and let him think on it while we saved the house and shop again.”

    Sorry Doc, that was a huge comment!

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