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Being messy can be genetic

I wouldn’t say I was an overly tidy person as I can tolerate a bit of mess but my granddaughter is very messy, in fact she takes disorder to a whole new level. Her room normally looks like a bomb has hit it and if she’s been in the kitchen I know before I go in there I will face some kind of chaos, cupboard doors left open, tops off bottles, worktops covered in a gooey mess .. you get the picture. I was interested to find out that although her mother didn’t raise her she was exactly the same so I googled the topic and discovered it can actually be genetic. Some people find it impossible to organise. They have messy minds and I would say this is true of my granddaughter, but  they are also said to be more creative. I actually haven’t seen any evidence of this yet but who knows.

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Written by Linda Mansfield


  1. I have to say that I am not an overly messy person but I do create little messes. I mean there is only me here and if I don’t wish to clean up something I won’t because it is so much more interesting to work at my PC.

  2. I am a very organized person, I cannot live in a messy house, and the only place where I have a big mess is my work table. I don’t know how it gets messy, don’t understand.

  3. I used to have so much that needed throwing out and when I finally moved I started the decluttering process. I have been decluttering ever since and have helped others do it as well.

  4. I am like Doc – very organised in some areas but not in others. I have spent a lifetime organising things – such as books on shelves – but my own book collection looks nothing like any library I have ever worked in!

    My son’s room is usually a tip, so does he get that from my non-professional side? As to where I get it from I haven’t a clue, due to never having known my natural parents.

  5. you have hit on a constant discussion in our house. My office is a mess. But the rest of the space i use is spotless.

    My wife’s office is pristine, but her car is a mess.

    our daughter got both mess genes!!!

    • FYI – preview is not foolproof, at all. I preview all of mine and that doesn’t mean they turn out this way. (I am mentioning this again, because it seems the assumption is made that the person doesn’t know what they are doing – it’s a known problem.

      • I know what you mean. But when a preview is done it shows errors and there is an edit feature there. I see errors even after preview but I edit my posts once again.