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Being messy can be genetic

I wouldn’t say I was an overly tidy person as I can tolerate a bit of mess but my granddaughter is very messy, in fact she takes disorder to a whole new level. Her room normally looks like a bomb has hit it and if she’s been in the kitchen I know before I go in there I will face some kind of chaos, cupboard doors left open, tops off bottles, worktops covered in a gooey mess .. you get the picture. I was interested to find out that although her mother didn’t raise her she was exactly the same so I googled the topic and discovered it can actually be genetic. Some people find it impossible to organise. They have messy minds and I would say this is true of my granddaughter, but  they are also said to be more creative. I actually haven’t seen any evidence of this yet but who knows.

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Written by Linda Mansfield

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  1. I have to say that I am not an overly messy person but I do create little messes. I mean there is only me here and if I don’t wish to clean up something I won’t because it is so much more interesting to work at my PC.

  2. I am like Doc – very organised in some areas but not in others. I have spent a lifetime organising things – such as books on shelves – but my own book collection looks nothing like any library I have ever worked in!

    My son’s room is usually a tip, so does he get that from my non-professional side? As to where I get it from I haven’t a clue, due to never having known my natural parents.


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