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Beanth the pale blue surface


faster and faster

but we do not move.

Trapped in a fluid

not unlike tar



with the speed


snails strolling

across a garden

on a Sunday.

There is no amount

of faster

that creates 



the pale



upon whic

we have no recourse

but to ride.

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  • This poem was written when I was 28 and having a really hard time. Have you ever felt like nothing was going right?

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Very expressive poetry. I also love that photo. My biggest challenge came in August 2017 when my husband suddenly passed away leaving me alone in a large old house. I had to sell the house, and return to my homeland the US carrying my cat Sid through 3 airports. That was worth quite a lot in some of the poetry I wrote afterward.

  2. At 28, I was work, work, work and more work. I had 3 siblings in college and all I can think of was earning money. Most of the weekdays, I slept in the office and just go home to the apartment I was renting every Saturday. ?

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your divorce. I went through it also but I survived and so will you, even though sometimes you feel you cannot go on… At least you expressed your feelings in words and probably out loud. I do not usually, and keep everything inside. But please Doc do not copy me at all as it might just make you very mean like I am sometimes… It is a very nice poem that you wrote… along with a beautiful graceful Canada geese? picture. Sorry Doc but it sure looks like a Canadian geese that you probably saw when she emigrated south… There I go rambling again…

    • I suspect if I were still married to my first wife, I would be beyond crazy. Two years after what I thought was the lowest point in my life, I met the best thing that ever happened to me (My current wife).

      • You know best, my dear friend … I want you many years of happy living together…I was never married, and now I’m not … I just say so – my wife …. I do not even know who this is … I had a very agitated life as far as women are concerned

          • How do they say? It’s never too late …. it’s important that you are now happy and happy with your wife …. but I do not blame anyone for my actions … I was the greatest culprit myself … I do not even know what I was looking for … in short nobody was good enough for me … I lived as Casanova

          • Personally, I was not lacking … my wife suffered … you know how if these 300 days of the year are not home … but full of women’s bus … and the opportunity to work with dad …. I confess all my sins and I wear them on the shoulders … I am this guilty …. youth is madness … now I thank God for calm and living a life that every normal person lives


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