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Getting the Most out of Virily: Minimum Word Counts

When creating a post on Virily, you must use a minimum number of words. The minimum varies, depending on which format or template you are using to create your post. This post aims to provide those minimum numbers in easily accessible format.

I think most if not all of us have had our submitted posts sent back to Drafts at some point, because our word count fell below the minimum. It can be quite frustrating, especially if you’ve been waiting a while to see your post approved, and then have to go back to square 1. Stop wasting time! Bookmark this post now! (Ctrl+D)

Note that while the information posted here is true as of this morning, it is of course subject to change.


Below are various formats/templates you can use when creating a post on Virily, together with their associated minimum word count.

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#2 Minimum 100 Words

Story: Minimum 100 words 

Lists: Minimum 100 words 

Gallery: Minimum 100 words

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#3 Minimum 50 Words

Image: Minimum 50 words

#4 Minimum 80 Words

Embed: Minimum 80 words 


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  1. i have 4 Post that Dont get approved! im sad about it cause i waste my time. typing and searching for photos. and the other 1 post i make recently i have link the source of picture but Sadly Its not approved! But some members here Dont bother to Put a source where they get the photo online and thier post is approved!

        • I understand (and I was pulling your leg). My reading of the matter is that the minimum word count is a stylistic matter (albeit a very one-dimensional one), while the maximum character-count is a technical limit. I don’t know why the minimum should not be set by character count rather than word count, and it seems easy to imagine that an automatic check could be implemented, just as it has recently been for comments.


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