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Getting the Most out of Virily: All your Posts on One Page

We all know how to find our own posts: go to our profile page and click on ‘Posts’. But they are displayed just 10 posts to a page, and if you’ve been posting here for a few months, it can be a right pain paging back through them. Additionally, if you want to share a link to your posts, it would be great if they were all on the one page, right? Well now they can be – read on!

#2 First find your Handle

Your handle is your Virily ID. You'll need it to get all your posts on a single page. If you know it already, great, but if you're unsure, here's how to find it: Go to your profile and look at the URL address bar. It'll look similar to the above. The letters after and before the final / are your handle - where you see 'darlo' in this example (darlo is my handle). Remember it!

#3 All your Posts on One Page

To get to that page containing all of your posts, type the above into the address bar, substituting your handle (see previous step) for Your_Handle above. The resulting page will display all of your posts, starting with the most recent. For example, the page with all of my posts is You can now share a link to all of your posts in one place!

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