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The cry of help

Hello everyone  this is a post I need to say so that I dont forget. And while its fresh in my mind dont take...

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Cool drone i got

Hello everyone it has been a couple days since my last post and pretty much was interesting. They started garnishing my wages and gotta...

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Fire in Golden

Hello  everyone welcome back to another  story time from Dubzanators.  I know you all heard about the fire up here in golden Colorado right?...

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Weird weather

Hello everyone welcome to another  day be the one and only Dubzanator. Weather conditions outside are weird  past few days have been  in the...

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Dji Tello drone by Ryze Hawk encounter This video  was  pretty  cool  I thought and this was not on purpose  either.  I was flying  along and something didn't look right so...

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The cry of help

Cool drone i got

Fire in Golden

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