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Getting the most out of Virily: Formatting your Comments

Virily is great the way it lets you italicise or bold your text, and add links, when making a post. But don’t you miss that formatting sometimes when posting comments? Well you don’t need to miss it any more! Here’s a very simple way of adding it.

(Don’t worry about the colours I’ve used in the text, that’s just to help the important stuff stand out ? )

#2 Adding Italics

When typing your comment, just select the point where you want the italics to start. Type < followed by i (for italics) then >.  Next go to the point where you want the italics to end, and do the same thing, except add a forward-slash before the i, as illustrated above. Once you post the comment, the formatting will appear! Until you get used to it, check carefully that you've done it right, as you can't edit your comment afterwards. Now try it out yourself below 🙂


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