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Ever wonder china's Flying Train

China has decided to discover a fast-moving train in different cities of china, with speeds between 373 to 497 miles or 600 and 800 km per hour. China official says , the purpose of discovering a high-speed train is to update traffic so that routes to distant cities can be covered in minutes.

The train will run between Chengdu and Chang’ing, Western cities of China which population of about 50 million. Note that China is fast-moving commercial train country,  but the country’s engineers want the citizens of the country to reach their destination more faster.

Engineers says the train project will be completed in 2020 and its first test will be in 2021. The train has been nicknamed the ‘Flying Train’ by the administration and the cost of this train is one billion pounds.

It should be noted that in May this year, China claimed to have a high-speed train capable of running at a speed of 373 miles per hour.

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