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Part Two ~ Anyone want to join me on a hike?

If you missed part one you can click below. It shows the drive to and the first part of this hike.

Now for part two. 

#1 My son

He forgot to change into hiking shoes and has his steel toed boots on. He was already getting sore. But check out that waterfall, and the trail.. It is getting more narrow. My vertigo kicked in, and I had to hug the bank at times, and control my heart rate, and shaking. I am extremely afraid of heights. 

#2 Yikes

It is a long way down...

#3 Meika and Penny

Tails high, they are loving it. You can hear the falls from here. A loud roar...

#4 Luna

Is seen coming back to check on the slow poke..  The trail down is switch backed. We are getting closer though. Just doesn't really look like it from the photos. 

#5 Just around the bend

The roar of the falls is getting louder. 

#6 Resting spot..

We made it! It was 80 degrees in the sun, but the spray from the falls kept us really cool. 

#7 The falls and Penny

Can you see the dog? 

#8 The second tier.

When the water isn't flowing so strong, people use this area as a slide rock. I wouldn't try that now. 

#9 Three Sisters

Can you see my son on the bottom? We had to yell at each other to hear one another. 

#10 Closer

We found a perfect place to have our picnic lunch on the last tier of this fall and I took pictures of the dogs playing in the falls.

 More to come in Part Three coming soon. 

I hope you enjoyed finally getting to the bottom of that valley. Thanks for coming along. 


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    • This was indeed true for this one. But man was it worth every step, and the soar muscles after. 😉 There was a group of teens that came down right after us, you could hear them yelling for miles as they hit that ice melt. It made me smile, and I asked my son why he wasn’t joining them. He just grinned.

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