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Anyone want to join me on a hike? (Part 1)

Oh my gosh, I just hiked to the best waterfall I have ever seen in Southern California. As has become my normal lately I took over 100 pictures. I think it was actually 103 of them. Usually only half are good enough to keep, but I had around 75 keepers. I will show you a smidgen of those below. I hope you enjoy the drive and hike.  

The waterfall is called, “Three Sisters Falls” and it is located on the southern most part of the Cleveland National Forest in San Diego County California. This fall is on a dirt road about half way in between the towns of Julian and Ramona. We recently had a bunch of snow in the mountains. Over two feet, and a bunch of rain as well. Great time to visit a  fall that does dry up completely in the summer months. 

Are you ready? I made this post part one, because I like to keep my posts on or around 10 photos per post. 

This hike was around 6 miles with an elevation gain of 1000 feet. I also have a fear of heights and get vertigo super bad. I did feel it during this one. You will see why… 

#1 El Capitan Mountain

is that sunlit mountain, it is located in the town of El Cajon on the Cuyamaca Mountain Ridge. It's elevation is almost 4000 feet. If you want to hike that trail it is 11 miles with an elevation gain of 3000 feet. A little too tough for me at this time. 

#3 Snow

We start seeing more snow. The road still looks great though..Onward.. 

#4 We got two feet of snow.

It started getting deep, but I had to cross this mountain to get to the valley beyond, and that waterfall. We ended up dragging on the bottom several times. I was worried about gettting stuck. My little fiat is a trooper though. It made it. 

#5 The trail.

Looks nice and flat, well maintained. There were a few other hikers making this trek as you can see the dark specks on the trail ahead.. We will be going down into that valley you see in the distance, before the snow covered mountain top.  

#6 Looking back…

We had walked about a mile.. Not much has changed..

#7 Always up ahead of me.

My son and Meika, my wolfdog.. 

All three dogs went along, my moms chihuahua mix, my aussiedoberman mix and my wolfdog. They loved it. 

#8 A little over two miles into the walk

You can see the waterfall. 

#9 Zooming in

This little camera looses alot when you zoom, but here it is. Three sisters falls.. The name Three sisters comes from the fact that there are three tiers to this fall. You can see two of them here. 

#10 About a half a mile to go

We are getting closer. Now for our final descent into the valley.. Look for part two coming soon in which we get to the falls. A closer look... 

Thanks for hiking with me! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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