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Jezersko, where nature is the most beautiful

I love nature, water, peace and walks.

I get all this on Jezersko, so I visit him often. Jezersko lies at an altitude of 906 meters … in the Karavanke and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. I call him an oasis of peace.

Jezersko offers opportunities for strollers, demanding and less demanding mountaineers or cyclists.

Jezersko is a popular starting point for the highest peaks and dwarfs of the Kamnik Alps such as: Grintovec, Skuta, Kočna, Velika Baba …In winter, the lake freezes here and we can skate.

I prefer to take a walk around the lake. The promenade runs along the lake, a little by the forest.At the lake there are also inns where they offer good home-made food, various desserts and, of course, obligatory coffee. I come home as a reborn, full of energy.


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Written by vidocka