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Did you know that: The turtles are one of the oldest animals on the planet, still existing …

Turtles are one of the oldest animals on the planet since the era of dinosaurs. There are different types of turtles and they occur almost everywhere. There are desert, forest, freshwater and marine. The image of the turtle has been deeply embedded in fairy tales and myths since the earliest times, and has been associated with longevity and wisdom.

“The turtle is a creature that lives on the ground It is impossible to live nearer to the ground without burying in it The horizons stretch only a few inches away It develops speed to catch lettuce Survives while the rest part of the evolution has passed by it, generally because it does not pose any threat to anyone and creates too big problems while you eat it. ” This is what this wonderful creature describes, the writer Terry Pratchett.

But anyway, these beings are really incredible. Here are some curious facts about the turtles:

The oldest fossil of a turtle dates back to more than 220 miles. years. The ancestors of modern turtles have had teeth. But they have not been able to hide their heads in the corn. Despite its shell, the turtle is not invulnerable. Apart from the people, the jaguars also love to eat them. The largest of all types of turtles is the bark turtle. The weight of an adult can reach 700-900 kg. The missing type of turtle archon has weighed more than 2 tons. The meat of some tortoises is poisonous due to the nature of their diet. For example, the skinny turtle eats poisonous jellyfish. The trick has no shell. This is a Chinese soft turtle. Some turtles live for over 100 years. Turtles are able to remember and distinguish human faces. Turtles are found on all continents except Antarctica.The tortoises can plunge more than a kilometer in spite of the enormous pressure of the water pressure. Female turtles are bigger. The temperature of the environment affects the sex of the young ones who are waiting to hatch. This is also true for crocodiles. Water turtles are not as slow as those on land. They can reach a speed of 30-35 km / h. Only one type of tortoise (over 300) can live on a cold tortoise bouldering that lives in northern Canada in the Great Lakes region. The marsh turtle is champion in starvation. If necessary, it can survive without food for up to 4-5 years. Great sea turtles understand the dolphin language, which is confirmed by a number of experiments and observations. In the case of danger of Mediterranean turtles, they sigh as snakes. Once they have their eggs, a tortoise forgets about them. Of all species,only one cares for their offspring, keeping the egg nest. Sea turtles can navigate space using the magnetic field on our planet.

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  1. Turtles are my favorite creatures. I have a beautiful red eared slider and her name is Leonardo Da Vinci. First turtle pet. I’ve had her for two years, I think. I had a Tortoise I named after Dr Seuss, but she was taken from me by a big stupid bird in the backyard.

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