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Are such innocent animals cows as they look !?

The pictures are taken in a mountainous transition. Near Bezbog hut. The first hut in the area was built in 1960 west of the lake on the top of the hill. It was small and old-fashioned, and in a very inappropriate place. In April 1971, the avalanche fell on the chute at Bezbog peak, where the chalet was located and destroyed it. Most of the building material and furnishings are in the lake. Luckily, there were no injuries, as the chauffeur at that time had descended to the village of Dobrinishte. The construction of a new hut – 5-storey, with bathroom on each floor, small and comfortable rooms with 3 and 4 beds, 2 apartments, large dining room starts next year. It is no longer on the slopes of the summit, and north of the lake in a safe place. The construction continued for nearly 10 years, with almost all construction materials – bricks, sand, cement and iron being carried on horses.

Now let’s understand something interesting about the cows that give us milk every day.

Your image of cows is probably similar to mine – gentle, gentle animals look at you with these large, soft cow’s eyes and cheerfully chew. But a recent article published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that about 20 people die annually as a result of a cow attack in the United States alone.

In fact, cows are attacking people – pushing them, pulling them down, stamping them, kicking them in the head, causing severe injuries to the body, chest, head.

These behaviors should remind us that a mother cow, like other animals, can furiously protect her young ones. The connection between cow and calf is very strong and lasts long after the calf has grown. In free herds, some cows are suckled by their calves for up to three years.

Some interesting facts about cows!

  • Cows do not bite because they do not have upper front teeth. Instead, they have a thick and strong pad of upper jaw skin. They turn their very large tongue around the grass and the other food they accept.
  • There are about 920 different cows breeds in the world. They were tamed about 5000 years ago.
  • People and cows have the same period of pregnancy, which is about nine months old.
  • The cow’s milk contains the four most essential minerals: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc.
  • Cows are many social animals. They form large flocks, and just like humans, they tie up with some of the members of the herd and avoid, not accept others.


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