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Nepal on my mind ~ Doorway

This happens to be one of many elaborately decorated features of buildings in Nepal.  Many of the doors, windows, pillars and trimmings of the...

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Flowers series ~ A rose by any other name…

A rose is a rose... is a rose... is a rose!   You wouldn't believe it, I actually found this rose in a supermarket! They had...

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Japanese tonight?

How many of you are fans of Japanese food? Sushi? Teppanyaki? Or is teriyaki sauce the furthest you would go? Well, I would be the...

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Sky for today

I have a monochrome sky for today... a kinda sepia toned one too! I shot this some years back on my way back from...

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Nepal on my mind ~ Boudhanath

The Boudhanath Stupa is the largest stupa in Nepal, and one of the largest & the holiest Tibetan Buddhist temples outside of Tibet.  Buddha's...

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