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Drawing a cute Pug in Coloured Pencils

This is another coloured pencil drawing that I did this year of a cute little pug. I did this when I was first getting to...

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Drawing a Basset Hound Video Part 2

Here is the second part of my 'Drawing a Basset Hound'video. In this second part, you will see the completed drawing at the end. Thanks for all...

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Drawing a Dachshund in Coloured Pencils

Hi everyone. This was the first time I tried to draw a dog properly in coloured pencils. It's a drawing of a Dachshund or a 'Sausage...

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Drawing a Basset Hound Video Part One

Hi guys n Girls. Thought I would share the Part One and Two videos of me drawing the Basset Hound with you. I'll put Part...

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Drawing a Dog for an Owner – The Video

I thought I would put up the actual video of me drawing the dog for its owner as a lot of you liked the...

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