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Annie’s Canyon Trail and The Cave

It’s located in Solana Beach, Southern California. My two sons and daughter in law took me to a place I have never been just a half an hour away by car.

We headed south on the I5 exited right on Lomas Sante Fe road, in Solana Beach and right on Rios Avenue to the end of the road. Here is the beginning or one of the trail heads to this hike. It is about a mile and a half from the road. It was a short sweet hike to see a slot canyon. I almost felt like I was in some of the slot canyons I have seen in Arizona and Utah here in the states. Just not as long or as deep. Our mini version!

As I had mentioned in my previous post:

Annie’s Canyon Trail …  For years, the area was known as “The Mushroom Caves” located at the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve in Solana Beach California and was off limits to the public. Of course that only prevented responsible, law abiding hikers from going there. Vandals frequented the location, defacing the delicate sandstone canyon walls with graffiti and carvings, using the area as a party spot.

Do you like my foot? lol

I was the last one to arrive. This cave used to seat 10 people comfortably, but it half of it caved in due to a heavy storm a few years back. The cave was left with its graffiti, as they didn’t know if sand blasting the graffiti would collapse it more.

The black is residue from fires long past. This is a shot of the ceiling, and what used to be a chimney hole.

Graffiti of times past. I see a lot of hearts!

Peace and Love and Goodwill to all.. or is that Peace, Love, and Rock n Roll?

Probably the later, since this is an old party cave. The photo below was so abstract looking..

Looking out of the cave and it’s view. Notice a much shorter route to the cave. I bet this is the trail some of the kids used to get here back in the day.

Another shot looking out of the cave. Hang in there tree!!

Leaving the cave we still had a way to go before we reached the top, and this area is the most narrow slot of the canyon. I had to turn my camera off, and put it away as I needed both hands to get up. Luckily they made it easy to climb up this crevice as you can see below in the half way up mark. This is where I just came from, and more foot photos!

And the top! Where the hike leveled off again, but still more slot to go through.

In the shot below, you can see I made it to the top, and there was a beautiful look out area. Annie’s canyon trail is a one way loop, as you cannot pass anyone in the slot. The way down goes around the slot and offers some amazing views as well.

One more shot before we head down.

I just came from down there.

Ah look, some pretty tiny flowers, and right on the edge.

More of the flowers on the edge. Notice those holes on the opposite wall? Wonder if those are man made or natural?

The top of the canyon.

Another view of the beach and lagoon..

Long way down..

I finally caught up the the kids again as they waited for me under the shade of this pretty tree.  Sorry Kids!

Another lagoon shot, about half way down. Notice the ropes, you can hold onto these so you don’t slip all the way down on the sand covered sandstone. It is very slippery. In fact as kids we used to make sleds out of cardboard boxes and go down hills. Like snow but not as soft of landing.

Okay, time to put away the camera and get down this hill. Last one of the lagoon.

And at the bottom of the trail to we found a White Velvet Ant. Did you know that the Velvet Ant is not an Ant? It is a wasp with a powerful sting. Stay away from these guys!

I hope you have enjoyed Annie’s Canyon Loop. Enjoy!!


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