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Tips of how to properly choose the furniture for the living room

Selecting furniture is a daunting task. However, proper selection of home furniture from natural wood will serve for several years. The main trend of interior design in recent years is practicality. The same requirement applies to furniture. Most importantly, they are practical, comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In each home, the living room is home center: here meets all residents of the house after work, here we meet a guest and organize festive. Living room reflects the taste of the hosts, their interests and hobbies. In order to keep the interior of the living room up-to-date, it’s not necessary to follow the hottest design trends, it is enough to rationally choose a particular style and constantly update the details. According to the famous Coco Chanel, fashion goes away, and the style stays.

For your living room to always look stylish and modern, you just need to split it into zones, choose tasty furniture, original lighting and bright decor details. This room can serve as a pleasant resting place, a dining room, a movie theater or a work place, so it’s important to have a particular place or area for each of its functions. This can be done by choosing a different texture, drawing, coloring floor covering, erecting the shelves, installing a bar, etc.

Lighting plays a special role – it not only performs its main function, but also helps to create separate zones in the living room.

Scandinavian minimalist furniture

For many years, Scandinavian minimalism, characterized by abundance of natural materials, white color and cozy and sophisticated simplicity, is one of the most popular interior. For a small living room, this direction is the best option. The main law of the Scandinavian interior requires the have placed only minimal furniture, not to overload the room and exploit the natural light.

Strict lines, leather upholstered furniture and lightweight, furniture with a glossy wooden top create the feel of the space. Natural materials and shapes are combined with rough texture and technological style. Glass is used widely in the manufacture of modern furniture. Colored and repainted plastic – this material provides lightness, do not clog the room, do not accumulate dust and are easy to clean.

The minimalist style’s living room offers a choice of fitted furniture: open shelves, modern tables, partitions, cabinets. There will look great the wooden showcases with transparent glass windows. They do not completely complicate the interior, but create a sense of space and freshness.

Modular furniture and so-called “transformers” with minimal space, but with several functions, for example, a coffee table turning into a large dining table when come the guessts or a sofa that can instantly turn into several different shapes of chairs or pouffes, easily integrates into a minimalist interior.

Classic living room furniture

Classic is eternal, and this season is especially relevant. Fans of classical style will always remain loyal to exclusive, decorated handmade furniture, which masters use the secrets of the craft of older generations. Such furniture does not seem to be archaic, on the contrary – these days is very popular.

The classic living room is unimaginable without a massive sofa, it is desirable to be supplemented by one or two seating of the same style. If the main room is equipped with a fireplace, the sofa and the armchair with a couple of chairs can even stand in the middle of the room – this option can often be seen in old English films.

It is worthwhile to distinguish tables from valuable tree species, decorated with carvings and inlaid. Such unique furniture gives the site special luxury and transforms it into a medieval building.

The classic attribute of a living room is a carpet. At the moment there are popular traditional oriental carpets and contemporary monochrome variants. However, you should not hang on a wall a carpet – it’s a trend that has long since gone out of fashion.

By the way, it would not be a mistake to combine modern furniture with classic furniture in a living room. The current fashion is so democratic that it allows you to combine the most courageous and extravagant accessories, mix the trends – the ethnic style with classical, urbanism with the countryside, and so on and thus create new styles and shapes.

The colors of the living room furniture

Lately, aggressive vibrant colors are pulled from the interior. Popular soft and tender sand, crimson, milky, gray, pink, green hues. Currently, the most important color is red wine. It itself is very rich, so it should be blended with cooler colors in the interior, say white furniture look great to the Bordeaux wall.

Fashionable rich blue, turquoise, sea waves, all water shades. The practical, light brown and all its shades do not go away – it fits with any other colors and shades in the interior of any style.

White furniture is other thing. This color is versatile and combines with all the rest. To create a mild gamut, add pinkish brown and coffee tones. If you like the striking accents – the white enliven with vibrant accessories. The black and white tandem, which has become classic, is never shabby and always fashionable.

Another typical color in the furniture is gray, it looks elegant and creates a neutral background for bright accents. True, it is cold color, but it can be supplemented with shades that instantly change the living room. The worst combination is gray with purple or light purple.

Living room accessories giving the coziness

The latest living room design trends suggest using natural materials. Natural wood furniture, bamboo rugs, aquariums, indoor plants, large vases with fresh flowers, the nature forms imitating lamps, decorative stone – all this helps to create a contemporary, fashionable and cozy interior.

Mirrors come to the living space more boldly. They make the room visually bigger and brighter. A tiny designer trick will help to achieve this effect: the smaller the room, the larger the mirror.

To make the living room modern and at the same time cozy, pay attention to the following:

  • The room must have enough open spaces filled with fresh air and sunshine.
  • The room does not need to overload with furniture, it is better to choose fewer things but functional.
  • The things that are seemingly unfitted now are combined. Let’s say different styles of furniture or decor.
  • Closer to nature – the room always looks beautiful with nurtured plants and natural materials.
  • The most important thing is individuality and the fantasy of the room’s hosts.


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