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A Hiking Tour of Calavera Volcano in Carlsbad California

Three months ago I posted about this volcano here in Southern California seen here.

It has some great information and my son and his friend acting crazy and hiking up to the top. The post only had 3 or 4 photos. I thought I would add to those lonely photos.

Below are some of those photos and my little tour.

Here is the sign leading up to the volcano. The photo is actually trans versed and not taken from the trail.

Here is my version, from a different angle.

As you get closer you can see several trails and the columns of Basalt…

Fragments of rock from this Volcano reached 50 miles away.

It must of been something..

To get to the volcano you cross this bridge built in the 1940’s.  In the bottom photo, where the cars are is now the lake. Lake Calavera. I remember in the 70s riding our horses to the beach, this lake was our halfway point. We used to call it the old farmers pond.. I never knew it was a lake back then fed from a waterway. We used to swim here and water the horses.

Here is the a part of the lake today. I was standing at the Y leading to the volcano seen above.

Some red flowers on the way….

Some yellow ones…

White fuzzy ones.. Fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy… Or was he? eh..

More of those white ones.

Little dots of red..and a white wolf butt, black doberman butt, and little Penny butt. Nice huh? Great pet photography. lol

The volcano…


Pretty area..

Maggie Mae is always waiting for me to get done taking photos.. She’s had 15 years of practice following me around and visa versa.

She is around 20 years old, and I know our time is drawing to an end. I cherish every moment..

There is a labyrinth of rocks..several actually. No one knows who put them there.

Another shot.

And one more.

Back to the volcano columns.

The side of the volcano, look closely and you can see a plane.

The valley below the whole dam area!

I will leave you with this, thanks for stopping by.


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