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Pink is the Color of Passion

Pink is the color of passion is an Aerosmith, the song lyrics go as:

Pink it’s my new obsession

Pink it’s not even a question

Pink on the lips of your lover,

‘Cause pink is the love you discover

Pink as the bing on your cherry

Pink ’cause you are so very

Pink it’s the color of passion

“Cause today it just goes with the fashion.

Pink it was love at first sight,

Yeah, pink when I turn out the light,

And pink gets me high as a kite

And I think evertyhing is going to be all right

No matter what we do tonight.

You could be my flamingo

“Cause pink is the new kinda lingo

Pink like a deco umbrella

It’s kink – but you don’t ever tell her

I want to be your lover

I want to wrap you in rubber

As pink as the sheets that we lay on

“Cause pink is my favorite crayon, yeah

The song was released in 1997

Photo: I used this for the cover and the sky seen from my backyard.

Below are some pink facts along with some pink pictures.

A special thanks to Indexer for pointing out that a color was not a noun but an adjective.

From Merriam Websters dictionary.

Pink (adjective)

1. of the color pink

2. holding moderately radical and usually socialistic political or economic views

3. emotionally moved

Pink (Verb)

1. to perforate in an ornamental pattern

2. to cut a saw-toothed ege

3. to wound by irony, criticism, or ridicule

Pink  (noun)

1. any genus of the Dianthus family, and herbs having pink, red or white flowers

2. any group of colors bluish red to red in hue, of medium to high lightness and saturation

3. a ship with a narrow overhanging stern also called a Pinkie.

4. Pink colored trousers formerly worn by Army officers, called Pinkies.

Photo: Sunrise sky

Fact: You get pink by mixing red and white. Want fushia? Add blue into the red and white.

Photo: This is a view from my desert property. The low white wall in front is actually horse watering troughs.

Fact: The word came from a flower called Pinks in 1681 which was in the Dianthus family.

Photo: Petunia

Fact: Flamingos are born white, and get their color from what they eat.

Photo: Penny the dog has a pink bed she sometimes shares with the staff.

Fact: A pink diamond called “The Pink Star” weighed 59.60 carats and sold in 2013 for 52 million pounds.

Photo: Pink and White Roses

Fact: Pink calms nerves.

Photo: Pink Jeep?

Fact: Pink dye was sometimes created by crushing and mixing Madder Roots.

Photo: Magnolia Tulip Tree

Fact: Pink is considered the most delicate of colors.

Photo: Closer…

Fact: The people in China wer not aware of this color until western influences.

Photo:  A different angle.

Fact: Pink is the most common color of flower sent to someone.

Photo: Desert Mallow

Fact: In parakeets if the top of the beak is pink the bird is female, blue, male.

Photo: Pink Sunset

Fact: Pink is associated with charm, politeness ,sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood and femininity.

Photo: Unknown pink flower, the consistency of paper.

Fact: in 1963, Cadillac came out with a pink Cadillac.

Photo: That unknown flower..

Fact: In the early Renaissance Period Jesus wore a pink gown.

Photo: Closer…

Fact: Pink signifies Spring in Japan because of the pink Cherry Blossoms.

Photo: Christmas Cactus Bloom

Fact: Sunrises and Sunsets are pink because as sunlight travels through the atmosphere some colors are scattered out of the beam by air and airborne molecules and particles. This is called the, “Rayleigh Effect” Colors with a shorter wavelength such as green and blue scatter more strongly and are removed from the light that finally reaches your eye. At sunrise and sunset, when the path of sunlight through the atmosphere to the eye is the longest with blue and geen gone the longer wavelengths of orange, red and pink are left.

Photo: Sunset

Fact: Bubble Gum is pink because in 1928 Walter Diemer, an accountant for Fleer Chewing Gum Company in Philadelphia was attempting to create a gum that was less sticky and more stretchy. Yet he didn’t like the color so he used what food coloring was on hand at the time, which was pink. The color kind of caught on.

Photo: A pink Bougainvillea Bush in the rain taken from the car window.


Fact: Pink wasn’t always for girls. In the early days boys wore pink girls wore blue. Boy babies were more prized therefor got the expensive color, the girls got blue because it cost less.

Photo: Unknown wild flower.

Fact: Living pink creatures. Strigilla Carnaria Shells from the West Indies.

Photo: The flower from above.

Living Pink Creatures: Frog fish from East Timor.

Photo: Unknown pink flower.

Living Pink Creatures: Pink Iguana Lizards from the Galapagos Island.

Photo: Art edit on a Pink Bougainvillea Bloom in the rain.

Living Pink Creatures: Pink Dolphin from the Amazon River.

Photo:  Pink Hoya Flower

Living Pink Creatures: White Elephants are often grey and pink.

Photo: Pink sunset on the sand.

Living Pink Creatures: Pink Pigs

Photo: Sunset

Living Pink Birds: Cockatoo, Pink Flamingo, and Pink Spoonbills.

Photo: Pink Sunset

Pink Stones: Pink Topaz, Pink Hematite, Corundum, Calcite, Quartz and Diamonds.

Photo: Off the beaten path, my daughter and law and I take a break..

Pink Places: There are pink beaches in the Philippines on the great Santa Cruz Island.

Photo: Beach sunset

 Pink Places: Angel’s landing in Zion National Park.

Photo: Pink red orange rose.

Pink Places: Utah’s State Park has pink sand dunes. The pink comes from Quartz and Hematite.

Photo: White Rose blushing yellow in the center to pink on the edges.

Fact: Tickled Pink means extremely pleased.

Photo: Light Pink Rose

Fact: A pink slip means to be fired from a job.

Photo: Pink glow right before a Lunar Eclipse.

Last fact and photo: Pablo Picasso had a rose period featuring orange, red and pink from 1904-1906 following his blue period.

Photo: California Surfer Girl

I hope you have enjoyed my rainbow period!!

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  1. Totally amazing photos, Kim! Two things occur to me:
    1. You say Chinese were not aware of the colour till they were influenced by the west. Well… they didn’t have a single term for it, but there is plenty of pink in evidence in old Chinese art, so they were surely aware of it as a hue. In Irish even now, we call it “bán dearg” which is just a compound: “white-red” but I assure you Irish people can see pink 🙂
    2. Darn, I’ve forgotten what my second thing was 😀


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