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Absolutely Gourd-geous!

The 7th annual National Heirloom Exposition 2015 in Santa Rosa California Is slightly more than one month away. The expo features concessions, entertainment, vendors, speakers, panel discussions, a botanical art show, and displays of heirloom vegetables and flowers galore. The purpose is to support and promote small farms, organic farming, and the fight for seed freedom to support the genetic diversity of our seeds and our food. It is hosted by The National Heirloom Exposition and Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company who have a great catalog of rare seeds by the way. It’s an amazing event.

Along with the flowers, tomatoes, and other heirlooms is an assortment of gourds that is truly mind blowing. Every year they construct the infamous gourd tower as the main attraction and most photographed display of the weekend.

The variety in the tower is stunning. Here is another view that shows the size of only one of the buildings used for the event.

The mural behind the gourd tower depicts life in Sonoma County where I live. That’s right, it’s all vineyards, rolling hills, and balloon rides. (Well, sort of, … ) There are so many gourds brought in that they are everywhere decorating every flat surface throughout the whole grounds. And stuffed into every nook.

These pictures are all taken by me at the 2015 Exposition. Last year I attended without my camera because I remembered something a photographer friend of mine said when asked why she didn’t have her camera with her. She replied, “Because I want to be here, now”. So I went unencumbered for the complete just being there experience.

Anyway, I can’t wait. Check the links above to see the particulars of this event. Speakers come from around the world and the “who’s who” of vendors attending is formidable. In closing I want to share my favorite picture from that experience because when you have all those gourds and you need a doorstop …

I truly wish that someone one day will purchase that picture in some form because I love it so much and wonder if I’m just out to lunch or something. It’s one of my favorite pictures ever. See you at the Expo perhaps.


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  1. Wow, that is sure a huge and exciting expo. It reminds me of the Alaskan State Fair that we visited in the mid 1980’s – huge vegetables that grew so large because of the long summer sunshine days there. It was fun.

    Even though each gourd is not that expensive, the combined value of so many must be staggering.

    So glad that you have something local that you enjoy so much. You live in a wonderful part of the US!

    • I remember when I was visiting Fairbanks and saw the massive cabbages. Before that I had not known about the effect of the long days.
      I do love the Expo. Thanks so much.

  2. When the season comes, I am always amazed to see the different textures, colors, and shapes of the gourds. Fantastic shots!

    • Thanks Norman. This year I’m taking the camera. Flower pictures is one of the reasons. I’m a bit flower challenged. I owe the group something cool They’re having a Dahlia show for one thing. I think the tower (really the squash tower) gets a little bigger each time. And, I agree that the right to seeds and our food is fundamental to life and is our right and future generations’ right also.

  3. An interesting activity, containing very interesting exhibition materials, and presented in very interesting pictures! Closed with an interesting unique door stopper. This post is very interesting!

    • There is something to be said for the just looking and looking experience. You don’t have to worry about spilling all the great food and drinks on your camera; but, this time I’m taking it for sure. I think I owe it to my friends in the flower pictures group. It is my favorite thing that happens here.