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Ode To The Color Blue

One of my favorite poems about the color blue was written by David Whalen

Here it is:

There’s ever so much more to blue

Than just a color

It’s as much an emotion

As it is a hue

Blue is the tender soul

Of sky, flower and ocean

And the blessings and bane

Of me and you

Dye of desperation

Paint of despair

Wistful wash of wisdome

And the pale shade of prayer

A name for a pet

A desciptor of sea

Four letter word… Tho’

The best one that could be

It is substance, it has meaning

Is nothng, yet so many things…

All the while, tis just a color

Only a color, yet a color with wings.

Here are some cool facts about the color blue paired with some blue photos taken by me.

Fact: Blue is a primary color.

Photo: The view from San Marcos to Carlsbad California.

Fact: If you mix blue with yellow you get green, but mix blue with red and you get purple.

Photo: The View

Fact: More people like blue than any other color.

Photo: A plane and the view from San Marcos California.

Fact: Blue symbolizes stability, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, and peace.

Photo: Art edit of a bird of paradise flower.

Fact: 8% of the world has blue eyes.

Photo: Bird of Paradise Plant against a blue blue sky!

Fact: Studies show weight lifters can lift more weight if the gym is painted blue.

Photo: My old cat had the bluest of eyes.

Fact: Siamese cats have blue eyes because of the lack of pigment in the eyes, and the color you see is reflected from the surroundings making them appear blue.

Photo: My cat again.

Fact: The Virgin Mary was often depicted wearing blue.

Photo: My mom’s cat has ice blue eyes.

Fact: Blue is my favorite color, purple my second.

Photo: My dog has half of a blue eye, the top half is dark brown while the bottom half is blue. The other eye is dark brown on top and gold on the bottom.

Fact: In Ancient Rome the servants wore blue.

Photo:  My son’s dog has one blue eye.

Fact: A lot of Policemen wear blue.

Photo: I feel blue because I have blue nails!

Fact: The Navy uses blue.

Photo: Meika’s white fur contrasts with the blue water.

Fact: In the US, post office boxes are blue.

Photo: Ocean Blue

Fact: Blue is the least common food color.

Photo: Meika Reflecting in the Reflection

Fact: Bluebirds cannot see the color blue.

Photo: Blue Flowes

Fact: Owls are the only bird that can see the color Blue.

Photo: Light blue flowers

Fact: Mosquitos are more attracted to blue than any other color.

Photo: Blue Flower

Fact: Feeling blue means you feel sad or unhappy.

Photo: Blue Agave Cactus in Shamrock.

Fact: Blue pigment happens so rarely in nature that historically it was prized in a lavish way.

Photo: Touch the clouds.

Fact: Greeks and Romans did not have a word for the color blue.

Photo: A canyon

Fact: Celtics dyed their bodies blue for battle.

Photo: The faintest of blues.

Fact: Descriptions of rainbows in Ancient Greece and Rome were omitted.  I hope you liked my blue photos and facts.

Next is purple!


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Written by Kim_Johnson


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    • Wow Carol, you brought up an old one. I loved the color series, it was so fun to do. That is not Luna though, that is Chris and Beccas first doby. She was a blue, her name was Kali, she was a good girl. I still miss her.

    • lol i saw that after it was posted. Dangit Norman, you weren’t supposed to notice, hahaaha your comment made me giggle. Yes it was a typo or actually omitting a line of text in the sentence.
      In Ancient Rome and Greece description of the color blue was omitted. I couldnt fix it.

      • Oh 😮 I thought perhaps even Virliy admin had for some reason removed from your text, descriptions of rainbows in Ancient Greece and Rome, and left a message there to tell you 🙂
        In Welsh, they have a word for green and a word for blue, but the frontier between the two words is in a different place from that in English. I can’t remember which way around it is, but some things that are green in English are blue in Welsh—or vice versa!

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