Escapism is the way some people use to escape the real world with its all problems, stress and dilemmas. Maybe this is how the books and the dictionaries defined it, but for me it’s way far from this. Escapism is a long trip you take to return to the world that you really belong to. The world in which you feel free and happy. The world in which you can identify who you are and what you want. The world in which you are in control of all the events, and if a certain situation happened in a way you don’t like you can simply replay it. The world in which you can be what you want to be, and hear only your inner voice. The world in which you can love and be loved back. May be it is an imaginative world for others, but for it’s more realistic than the world we live in. So, when they ask where you are going, I always answer escapism ?.


It was a beautiful morning. The sun was shiny and the weather was nice. All the gardens that my home overlooks flourished and the little flowers were dancing with gentle winds.It seems like the flowers were happy today, so they decided to spread their adorable Fragrance to bring joy and happiness.I couldn’t resist this wonderful scene, so i prepared a cup of tea and went to the balcony. I kept staring at this view till my brain took me on a trip to the place no one knows except me. “This scene blows the minds.” My sister said while sitting beside me. “Why didn’t you wake me up to enjoy it with you?” She asked me, but i didn’t reply. “Delia?!” “DELIA!!!!!”

“Yes, sorry”

“Answer my question”

“What question?!”

“You didn’t hear me?!”

“Sorry I wasn’t focusing”

“What were you thinking about?!”


“Escapism!! What is escapism?!”

“Escapism is a very far place that you have to take long trips to reach it.”

“is it beautiful?!”

“It is one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen.”

“are its people nice and kind?!”

“Yes very nice and kind”

“to the extent that they give the guests cotton candy and chocolates for free?!”

I laughed for how childish she is and replied “Yes, and all the sweets you can imagine”

“Wow, can you take me there?!”

“No, you have to go on your own.”

“Then tell how I can reach it.”

I didn’t answer her and turned my face to enjoy the view once again.

She kept looking at me for 5 minutes waiting for an answer, then she left. I am not ignoring her, but

What she doesn’t know that there are several ways to reach it. So, it’s hard to give her a certain path. She has to discover her right path on her own.

-Scene 2-

“When are you going to move on?”

“What’s the point of your question?”

“You have been in love with him for years, and he does not even notice.”

“Maybe he will one day.”

Suddenly Dania’s, my co-worker, voice began to vanish and all i can focus on is him. He was walking through the corridor, his smile is shining his face and his eyes are glowing with happiness.

“Delia will you…”


“Hello Delia” “hello from earth”

“Huh, hii Jason, sorry, can you repeat what you have said.”

“Where were you?”



” ummm, am a little bet exhausted. That’s all”

“Hahaha, take care of your-self girl”

“Can you check these papers for me?”


“Wait, you got engaged!!!”

“Ohhh, you noticed the ring. Yes a week ago. You girls are cunning hahah.”

“Congratulations :)”

“Thank you” he said and left

And with every step he took, every piece of my heart fell and hit the ground.

“I already told you that he got engaged. Seems like you were in your imaginative world.” “I am tired from your-so-called world “escapism”

I did not say a word. All I wanted is to pick up the broken pieces and fix my heart. It’s so hard to do that. But i will try, if i couldn’t overcome this obstacle in this fake world, i will overcome it in my real world.

-Scene 3-

Tears were falling like fragile Crystals, hitting the ground and breaking into small pieces. With every tear, a part of my heart


“What about me?!”

“Why didn’t he recognize that I am the one yet?”

“He was always telling me that I am important to him.”

“His actions, his looks, and his voice, everything says that I am important to him.”

“He even told me once that he wants to marry someone like me”

“Why did he married someone else ?!”

I kept on talking to myself while driving my car back from Jason’s wedding. I was driving on a high speed like a drunk crazy teenager.

“why her?!!!”


I hit someone with my car. I got out of my car quickly.

“Thank god, he is still alive.”

I took him to the nearest hospital. They told me that he is in a dangerous condition, and he needs someone to pay for him. He must undergo a surgery.

*the receptionist*

What is your name: Delia jade

How old are you: 28

Place of residence:





“A place that you can’t reach”

“Is it a district here?”

“It is a real world”

“Are you okai madam?”

“Miss* and yes”


“Take my id”

“This is way easier”

-Scene 4-

“Ahhh 10 years have passed, i missed you so much.”

“I missed you too Dania.”

“Tell me how your life is?”

“Cayla is in grade 3 and Jason is 3 years old now.”

“OMG, they grew up so fast . I want to see them”

“Soon, what about you”

“Your friend became one of the most famous creative writers and soon you will see my name in shining lights.”

“HAHAHAHA congratulations. That’s my girl.”

“What about your love life?”

“What about my love life?”

“Come on your 38 right now and you are still single”

“So what, i didn’t find the right person yet”

“You still love him?!”


“You know well who i am talking about?”

“Look, it’s complicated. It seems like he is my fixed point, if I have a crush on someone, but things don’t go well i return back to him.” “Are we attached to each other?”


“I am trying. You know, he invites me every year to have dinner with him and his family. Last year he invited me to attend his daughter’s birthday.”


“I just give him any excuses, but he doesn’t give up.”

“Look, don’t let anyone stop you from moving forward.”

“Am not. I am an important writer right now, and i love my life.”

“Your life is scattered darling. Half is moving on while the other is still stuck in the past.”

I did not say a word.

*after a long silence*

“When will you come?!”

“Next month”

“I will be waiting for you, love you”

“Love you too”


Life taught me that Happiness is undefined. Your happiness can be a person. It can be your favorite type of food, your favorite movie or even visiting a place where you made the best moments of your life. Happiness can be anything you do, so always determine what makes you happy and follow it. Happiness is more than that; happiness can be a place that you belong to, even if it is an imaginary.

“Well done, i liked it so much. I agree to be your book publisher for 3 years.”

“Thank you. This is a great pleasure”

“You know. This seems like the women version of me.”

“me too”

I didn’t want to tell him that this protagonist is me. I am the heroine of my own book.

“Can we have dinner together?”

“Yes, sure”

*PS: I think i have found the right one ;).*


What do you think?

Written by donia yasser