Dead of Flowers.

Dead of Flowers is a little trailer of a work more complex and longer that, I have the intention to published next time or better until I got finished the last details.

I have published a shorter version of this video directly into Facebook.

For following the thought of the marcescent situation of liberty of expression I paint this – Dead of Flowers – as a public memory of this unreal situation that just few can realize. Freeing the art on the web otherwise, will kill us all.

I try with this opera to gain visibility outside Italy, for my new concept of art – #immateriale arte – that start from the idea of rendering immaterial the physical object that everybody knows as “Quadro” – Framework.

After four years of the project, I can’t have the opportunity to show my art in some public events, I have gotten just of two rare occasions that I have created thanks, to my friends, two for four years project isn’t enough.

Is for this reason that I thought to enlarge my public thanks to @Virily with the hope to find some one, a foundation of art, a contemporary museum or a sponsor, interested to give me the chance of projecting my art really on big size on ancient and historical ambients. My idea is to bring together contemporary art and classic architecture, for a new Visual experience #Thanks4Sharing #SharingIsCaring.

That’s all Folks.

From w a hot but with some clouds Italy, hoping it will rain…

Flavio painter of Transformation.

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What do you think?

Written by Flavio Fassio


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