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365 Day Photography Challenge – Day 8 – Little Blue Wren

This is a little Blue Wren of Australia right in Judbury, Tasmania an island off Australia.

It is the tiny size of a NZ Fantail and flies like a helicopter same as our fantail

The female Blue Wren is brown but also cute

I put this here because I am sorry about the sparrows killing blue birds. 

It is the closest to a gorgeous blue bird but I only have one or 2 photos of the closest NZ bird not quite like a blue bird but our NZ Kokako. Will do it in another post.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. What a gorgeous blue “roitelet” (french word for wren). It is too bad they are hunted and killed by bigger birds but that is the law of nature. New Zealand sure looks it has its share of different beautiful wildlife…

    • Thanks History Gal. The “Roitelet” is AUSTRALIAN
      New Zealand is not a part of Australia but we do live 2 hours away by plane from Sydney.

      I don’t know a lot about them, but I think they are beautiful. We were visiting a friend in Tasmania in Judbury and this one was right in her garden,

  2. I note that there are several “down under” species that are more colourful versions of familiar “up top” ones. I wounder if these began as deliberate or accidental introductions that evolved quickly to acquire their new looks?


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