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Luxuriate ~ 365 Photos Challenge #3

Spring came to my part of the world. May be for many Europeans the most beautiful part of the year. Everything blooms and life is lush. On one square meter there are between 500 and 2,000 insects. In order for the two thousand insects to have enough food and shelter, there must be tenfold more plant herbs in the same area. Does that mean that on one square meter we have 20 000 live animals and plants, when we talk about the season in spring. This planet is not just for people.

In some areas on only one square meter grows 10 to 20 kinds of flowers! Compared to this gorgeous color spectrum, the paint palette seems extremely monotonous. There are no epitaphs to describe the extraordinary beauty of May morning. Meadows bathed in sunshine. Include all the senses that are given to us. The smell of land, smell of grass and flowers. The sound of bees in the air, the bumblebee and the mosquito. And only when colors and shades are mentioned.

Now return your thoughts ten thousand years back to the past. As in all these ancient times, all the senses enjoyed all kinds of beauty. Diversity creates the quality of life. Life pervades everything we see and feel in front of us.

Here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 3.


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  1. How beautiful your photo is! Season after season we see God’s promised faithfulness, reminding us that the natural world speaks His glory. Even in the night season the stars declare His infinite power. The thing about springtime is that we see the rebirth of His amazing diversity of life in creation after winter’s season of chilling dormancy. Even in wintertime we see life continuing, the snow hare and wintering birds, for instance, remind us of the changes that will come with springtime. Lovely thoughts in the heat of this current summer heat! 🙂

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