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Life is like slowing down

Life is like slowing down. You want to stop a little, calm down, remember, think and say a sincere word that whispers in your heart. Now more than ever you realize that nothing is eternal, everything changes, everything is temporary. And once again you feel and understand that recently what was important in the present remains somewhere in the past.

Everything is like just a moment, non-repetitive, transient, irreversible, constantly changing. Therefore, it is very important to appreciate, cherish and live it. Yes, to live – in the true sense of the word.

 Life gives us many opportunities, but do we really thank them and take advantage of them? After all, most live tomorrow, saying or thinking “wait”, “not yet time”, “tomorrow”, etc.

After all, we are not guaranteed how many moments of life will give us and allow us to enjoy them. Let’s try to live in such a way that one day in the face of life we should not regret that we did not do something, we did not dare, we did not anticipate, even though we wanted something with all our hearts.

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