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To the full happiness still needs so little…

Day 33… Strange number – months have not so many days, and our lockdown laid in its own way.

Outside the windows is still spring. True, today we had a strong wind. I walked the path of the park and it seemed that wind will get up me. There, over white down balls in the sky. I missed the feeling of flying. 

In normal life, often I had not time to look at the sky every day. Now I watch – clouds, blue, rain shadows, stars, black abyss … I did not walk at night for a long time…

A police car was driving on the park paths. Probably looking for those who want to pay € 250 for the air (fine for not wearing masks). And it’s selling cheaply. The second sip of fresh air is twice as expensive…

The film we play moves into the genre of the absurd: people with muzzles, dogs only with leashes. In which series they will take as for a walk?

Together with a friend, we created a vision for the future on Messenger: how we meet the two and talking to the late-night, we will create something beautiful. Visions come true when the heart trusts them. And I received meditation gifts from a Facebook friend – listening to her, I can draw another dream of the future with my eyes closed. That’s what I’m doing. Who will light up the day if not ourselves? And the gifts are different, but they all warm up.

To the full happiness still needs so little… the end of this nightmare…

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