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Top 15 most famous places to visit in Italy

If needed to choose the only European country to visit, Italy would undoubtedly be in the first three countries. It is a land of impressive architectural cities, scientific discoveries, fabulous mountains, fantastic seaside, natural and diverse food, fashion and stylish lifestyles, unique art, religion and rich history. Italian cities – Rome, Florence, Venice, Genoa, Milan – are particularly important for the culture, thinking and development of the West. All the Sicilian islands are at the crossroads of trade. Each smaller city in Italy has so many architectural masterpieces that would be enough to decorate many of Europe’s major capitals.

In addition, Italy has been rewarded with passionate nature – from the snowy alpine peaks to olive trees and ornamental trees in southern Italy. The best Italian seaside resorts focus on Apulia, Calabria and the island of Sicily.

Another distinctive feature of Italy is the deep and diverse traditions of cooking. The Italians are considered to be the initiators of a natural and balanced, homemade and diverse food cult in the Western world. So travel to Barry, Sicily, or other Italian regions to try as many dishes as possible from seafood to a wide variety of pastas, steaks and pizzas. And shopping in the Sicilian capital of Palermo will keep you busy forever.

Vacation in the pizza’s home attracts countless tourists, and a short rest in Rome’s capital city is particularly popular among travelers of all ages: the elderly attracts the Vatican Square, students tasting Italian ice cream while relaxing away from their studies, and parents tell their children about the gladiators fights in Coliseum – holiday in Italy is suitable for everyone.


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  1. Venice, is a wonderful place and a beautiful city in Italy, I was a very good year 2015 and St. Mark’s square, Palazzo Pal and a lot more that I ever tried me in this town. I plan to go back and spend a nice.

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