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About the Color YELLOW….

Come take a tour of the color yellow with me. Below are some interesting facts with some yellow dominant photographs I have taken.

Photo: First off we have a yellow beach sunset, taken just as the sun was setting in Oceanside California by me.

Fact: The word yellow comes from the Old English word “geolu or geolwe and derived from the Germanic word “Gelwaz”.

Photo: Silver lining has nothing on these yellow lined clouds.

Fact: Yellow is a primary color in pigment, and in light it can be made with Green and Red.

Photo: The moon is not really made of cheese.

Fact: In Japan yellow is the color of courage.

Photo: Hello Sunshine! A morning view from my backyard.

Fact: In Egypt yellow is the color of courage.

Photo: From green to yellow… an autumn leaf.

Fact: In American slang the phrase yellow-bellied is a sign of cowardice.

Photo: Sunset..

Fact: Yellow has a stimulating effect on the mind, making it a good color for classrooms.

Photo: A volunteer tomato plant came up in my son’s yard.

Fact: The cave of La Scaux has an image of a horse colored yellow and is estimated to be 17,300 years old. Yellow was one of the first colors used in cave paintings.

Photo: A yellow prickly pear cactus bloom.

Fact: The human eye processes yellow first in the color spectrum. Peripheral vision is 2.5 times higher for yellow than red.

Photo: Agave Cactus

Fact: School buses, taxis and caution signs are yellow because of the high visibility of the color.

Photo: Looking up into a Sugar Maple Tree.

Fact: Yellow is psychologically the happiest color in the spectrum.

Photo: Mustard Plant

Fact: There are two major classes of flower pigments. Carotenoids which include yellow, orange and red. Flavonoids include pigments like red, purple, and blue.

Photo: Yellow Shamrock

Fact: Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings were predominantly yellow.

Photo: Underneath a butterfly.

Fact: No one knows why exactly Vincent Van Gogh painted in yellow hues. Some think it is because of his vision and health problems.

Photo: Grapefruit tree

Fact: Some think that Vincent Van Gogh painted in yellow hues because he had glaucoma and corneal edema or perhaps lead poisoning. This would cause him to see colored halos around lighted objects.

Photo: Autumn

Fact: Some think Van Gogh painted in yellow hues because of his Absinthe drinking. Absinthe is a highly alcoholic beverage that Vincent was well known for partaking in. The thujone chemical seemed to work against his epilepsy symptoms and Thujone Poisoning can cause one to see objects in yellow.

Photo: My sunrise view

Fact: Others argue that simply because Van Gogh’s work doesn’t follow the lines of realism doesn’t mean he had blurred vision but instead just a different style than normal. Van Gogh often experimented with color, its effects and ranges of tones.

Photo: Surfer Girl

That’s all for now folks. I hope you have enjoyed these fun facts and photos!

Next is green.


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Written by Kim_Johnson


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  1. Very nicely assembled, Kim! And lots of information I’d never heard before. I bet you didn’t know that in Ireland, a Yellow-belly means someone from Wexford (one of the 32 counties the country is divided into, and where I live). It’s neither positive nor negative, just a reference to the ‘county colours’ worn in inter-county Gaelic sports 🙂
    Looking forward to green – one of my favourite colours!

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