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How does the color “Orange” make you feel?

You either highly dislike it or love it. I love all of the colors of the rainbow for certain things.

I wouldn’t paint a house the color orange, but I love orange flowers and sunsets. I even like those burnt orange metal flaked cars!

Here are some orange shots I have taken with some very orange facts.

Photograph: A orange-red sunset off the Oceanside Coast in Southern California for the cover.

Fact: When talking “pigment”, orange can be made by mixing red and yellow.

Photograph: One more sunset off the coast in a yellow-orange tone.

Fact:  When talking “light”, orange can be made by mixing red and green.

Photograph:  This is what is referred to as a Sun Dog.This one is a orange sun dog. A sun dog is a atmospheric phenomena that occurs when light is reflected or refracted by ice crystals in the atmosphere. Usually seen in a 22 degree halo like this.

Fact: The term orange was first used in the early 1500’s and is taken directly from the French word “orenge” in reference to the fruit of the same color and name.

Photograph: Below is a mural in Oceanside, California.

Fact: Realgar, Orpiment and Crocoite are all minerals that were used to create paint, while Turmeric and Saffron were made to dye clothes the color of orange.

Photograph: Nasturtium flowers are taking over!

Fact: Most orange flowers, fruits and vegetables have a high carotene content and are good for your health.

Photograph: A fire sticks succulent.

Fact: Orange is used to symbolize health, safety, energy, cheerfulness, positive, passiveness, warmth, and comfort.

Photograph: View from my back yard.

Fact: Orange robes are worn by Buddhist Monks and represent commitment to perfection!

Photograph: Peekaboo Sun

Fact: Originally carrots were not orange. The most common color was purple.

Photograph: Peekaboo Sunset

Fact: Orange is the only color named after an object. An orange fruit.

Photograph: California Dodder Plant

Fact: Orange is the color of life rafts, traffic cones, Halloween and Cheetos.

Photograph: Orange Mushrooms.

Fact: Most prison uniforms are orange in the United States.

Photograph: Monarch Butterfly

Fact: Orange is the color of the Royal family in the Netherlands.

Photograph: Bird of Paradise

I hope you liked my orange tour.. Next is yellow!


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  1. Orange is great! Red and green light – who’d have guessed! I’ve seen those sundogs, and never knew the word for them, so thank you for that. I love orange flowers, and I love those Buddhist saffron robes.
    There’s a really interesting entry on orange in that I’ll paste in full here:
    orange (n.) Look up orange at
    c. 1300, of the fruit, from Old French orange, orenge (12c., Modern French orange), from Medieval Latin pomum de orenge, from Italian arancia, originally narancia (Venetian naranza), alteration of Arabic naranj, from Persian narang, from Sanskrit naranga-s “orange tree,” of uncertain origin. Not used as a color word until 1540s.

    Loss of initial n- probably due to confusion with definite article (as in une narange, una narancia), but perhaps influenced by French or “gold.” The name of the town of Orange in France (see Orangemen) perhaps was deformed by the name of the fruit. Orange juice is attested from 1723.

    The tree’s original range probably was northern India. The Persian orange, grown widely in southern Europe after its introduction in Italy 11c., was bitter; sweet oranges were brought to Europe 15c. from India by Portuguese traders and quickly displaced the bitter variety, but only Modern Greek still seems to distinguish the bitter (nerantzi) from the sweet (portokali “Portuguese”) orange. Portuguese, Spanish, Arab, and Dutch sailors planted citrus trees along trade routes to prevent scurvy. On his second voyage in 1493, Christopher Columbus brought the seeds of oranges, lemons and citrons to Haiti and the Caribbean. Introduced in Florida (along with lemons) in 1513 by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon. Introduced to Hawaii 1792.

  2. Orange is easily my favourite colour. The orange sun dog is pretty incredible and the bird of paradise is one of the most beautiful flowers. I was recently in Crete and saw them in bloom everywhere. It was wonderful.
    Thanks for such a lovely post

    • Thank you Ishtar, I have seen only a handful of sundogs in my 55 yrs. Two in the last few years. I even caught a whole 22 degree halo I will feature soon. Bird of paradise really make you feel like you are in the tropical rain forest, we even have the giant white ones as well here. Glad you liked the post.


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